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"Everytime is not showtime in Bollywood,"says actor Rajeev Khandelwal

For actor Rajeev Khandelwal TV is much more challenging as you need to reinvent yourself regularly

brunch Updated: May 08, 2015 20:35 IST
Veenu Singh
Veenu Singh
Hindustan Times

As an actor, what is more challenging: TV or films and why?
TV is more challenging as it requires a routine and you have to keep reinventing yourself to fight boredom.

You must be used to being hounded by reporters. With this television show, how does it feel to be on the other side now?
I feel a sense of power that I can shape a story as I want to. At the same time, I now understand why the media behaves in a certain way.

Has your take on sensational reporting changed?
I have always felt that only reporters who haven’t got it in them resort to yellow journalism.

One Hindi film you would have loved to be a part of.

(1982). I really like Mr Bachchan’s role of a disgruntled son. It is powerful and relatable.

Your favourite medium of news: print or electronic.

Given a choice, I would always prefer to read, especially the editorials. It is an art to move people

through your words.

Are you a romantic?

I would like to believe so. Even though my wife would beg to differ.

If you woke up as a woman one day, you would...

...Look for Rajeev Khandelwal!

The most romantic reel pair.

Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha and Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

The best thing about marriage is...

That it shows you the mirror. Your true self comes out and you start accepting things.

The biggest surprise that you’ve given to your wife Manjri?

When I was dating her, I once planned a surprise visit to her office on her birthday, and took lots of gifts


The biggest risk you took.

There are two: first, when I left engineering and joined a regular college for graduation. And second, when

I quit my first show, Kahiin Toh Hoga (2003), at its peak.

What is the biggest myth about Bollywood?

That it is showtime all the time. We have a personal life too.

Are you fond of sports?

Yes. I used to play tennis.

How do you keep fit?

By swimming, cycling and running a lot. I also go to the gym and do a bit of yoga.

Three grooming products you can’t do without.

I can’t live without natural oils. I massage my face with olive oil and I use cold-pressed sesame oil for my dental hygiene. I use make-up and hair products only when I’m shooting.

Your strategy in a crisis.

I look at my past and see how I survived back then.

The last line of your autobiography would be...

"...and the struggle continues."

From HT Brunch, May 10
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First Published: May 08, 2015 19:44 IST