How to keep kidney stones at bay
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How to keep kidney stones at bay

7 solutions for keeping your kidneys clean

brunch Updated: Jan 20, 2018 22:28 IST
Shikha Sharma
Shikha Sharma
Hindustan Times
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A few tips on how to avoid formation of kidney stones(Photo: shutterstock)

Painful kidney stones are common nowadays thanks to our lifestyle of acidic diets. These small, stone-like crystals form in the urinary system, which is responsible for removing all toxins from our body while retaining essential minerals and salts.

An acidic diet means the body has to release certain salts in the fluids to ensure a measure of alkalinity. Over time, this compensation reaches a point when the salts start concentrating as stones. Kidney stones can be a combination of calcium, oxalates and uric acid. Here’s how you can avoid formation of kidney stones:

* Keep yourself well hydrated with plain water to keep the urine and kidney pH levels healthy.

* Use the washroom whenever you need to. Holding back beyond a point leads to acidic urine.

* Acidic beverages like fizzy drinks, alcohol, tea and coffee must be limited, as their oxalates increase the body’s propensity for kidney stones.

* Eat calcium-rich foods like curd and paneer with peanuts, spinach and beetroot, so that the calcium and oxalates can bind in the stomach.

* Consult your doctor if you take body-building supplements to avoid overloading your kidneys.

* Consume barley in the form of barley water, sattu and atta, as it is good for the kidneys.

* Drink lemon juice, shikanji and coconut water as they help make the body alkaline. Also, vegetable juices taken on an empty stomach have the same effect.

From HT Brunch, January 21, 2018

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First Published: Jan 20, 2018 22:28 IST