In transit: interpreting the theme of change over the decade

In this essay, leading artist Veer Munshi interpret the theme of change over the decade. Here’s how he sees it.

brunch Updated: Feb 22, 2014 21:41 IST
Veer Munshi
Veer Munshi
Hindustan Times
Veer Munshi

The first issue of Brunch in Delhi came out on February 1, 2004. Nine months later, with the launch of the Hindustan Times in Mumbai, Brunch was introduced to readers there as well. The Delhi Brunch completes 10 years this month.

And so we bring you a special two-part anniversary issue, on the theme 'Look How We've Changed!'. We asked writers and specialists in their field, to do a series of essays for us, chronicling these changes.

In this essay, leading artist Veer Munshi interprets the theme of change over the decade.

Here’s how he sees it:

"I love Delhi in its new avatar. As an immigrant, I have witnessed Delhi evolve over the last decade. The city’s landscape and our lifestyles have changed dramatically. My work is about the city’s vertical growth and the magic of the Metro, which hasn’t just facilitated commuting but also narrowed the gap between people from diverse walks of life. Delhi has become a hub of art and fashion. Travelling by world class roads and landing at swanky airports does not give us a complex any longer."

Veer Munshi is a Gurgaon-based artist, who works in multiple mediums including painting, installation, digital photography and video art. Born in Srinagar, Munshi studied painting at MS University, Baroda and has held 17 solo shows including those in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Geneva, Perth and Edinburgh, besides participating in group shows in India and abroad.

First Published: Feb 22, 2014 20:06 IST