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Gzb renews attempt to launch vending zones to unclog city

PUBLISHED ON NOV 26, 2019 12:06 AM IST

Ghaziabad: In a renewed attempt, the Ghaziabad district administration has chalked out a plan in which they have planned to unclog the city by establishing verified vending zones. According to the municipal corporation, there are about 26,000 registered vendors in the district but the numbers could be more.

The district magistrate on Monday directed officials to survey and find out land available within the municipal limits which will be referred to town planners for development as vending zones. The officials, while initiating the process, have identified three types of vendors – movable vendors, vendors operating shops/kiosks and vendors who take part in weekly markets.

“The vendors who are on the move will be issued ID cards and their area of operation and the operation timings will be specified. They will not be able to move their vends at any point of time in any area. The vendors who are operating small shops/kiosks, etc will not be allowed to operate within 50 metres of any of the road crossings in the city. They will operate only on one side of the road and platforms will be constructed from where they will be allowed to operate,” said Dinesh Chandra municipal commissioner.

Directions were also given that vendors operating in weekly markets will operate only on footpaths and not on roads.

“For this, there are plans to widen the footpath areas. Further, we are also trying to find out vacant land where such markets can be relocated. The entire exercise of coming up with vending zones was initiated in 2017 but nothing could materialise. Now, we have started working on the project again and will start implementing it in a phased manner,” he added.

The development of vending zones is part of the provisions of the Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2014. It aims to enable street vendors to carry out their business in fair and transparent manner, without fear of harassment or eviction.

Earlier in March 2018, the administration had tried to implement the concept of vending zones and had identified four locations each under the jurisdiction of development authority and the municipal corporation areas.

However, things could not move forward and a renewed attempt has now been initiated in order to decongest the city.

The district magistrate, in a meeting on Monday, also mooted the idea that grouping of vendors like those selling fruits, vegetables, chaat sellers, etc., can be taken up and a small market of vendors selling similar types of items can be developed in different areas.

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