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It is not worth allowing the past to choke our present

commentpaper Updated: Jul 04, 2016, 08:30 IST
Dhwani Patwa
Dhwani Patwa

Every day life gives us new stories. Some are torn and others eternal. There are times when we long for the good old times. However, irrespective of what we wish for, we cannot run away from reality. We need to move ahead in life and get rid of the unhealthy nostalgia.

Reminiscing about the past — good or bad— is not harmful, but living in the past can hamper our growth and ruin our present and future.

Isn’t it easy to not think about our teen affairs or relationship issues? Isn’t it more comforting to live with our past glories and medals than think of the stress of being unemployed or getting stuck in a boring job?

Life is filled with surprises. When you are too sure that you are at the end of a cliff and all doors of hope have been closed for you, that is the time something wonderful will happen in your life to restore your faith in the miracles of life.

It is not worth allowing the past to choke our present? We need to understand that the past is behind us. We can neither sit back and feel elated over the victories, or feel depressed and worried about sad memories.

We need to grab all opportunities that come our way. We are the authors of the pages of our lives. No one but we can design our destiny. Before our future stifles and dies due to our former stories, we need to grab a pen and write wonders for ourselves; for you live only once.

(Inner Voice comprises contributions from our readers. The views expressed are personal.)

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