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Don’t worry about setbacks because life will move on

comment Updated: Jun 13, 2016 05:48 IST

The beauty of life is that it is unpredictable. Sometimes we take it too seriously and fritter our time over things that are uncertain. There are many reasons not to be so tensed in life, one of them being that our problems really do not matter as much as we panic about them. We are a small part of a planet that is a tiny dot in a vast galaxy and universe. We may have big problems and overriding issues that trouble us day and night but they are trivial for the universe.

There may be some mistakes that might bother us but always remember two things: First, nothing is going to be here forever. Second, realise that worrying will neither alter your past nor present.

Another reason for being so serious is that many people constantly worry what others may be thinking of them. Most even avert their plans under this discomposure while making self-choices. Do not worry about what people might think of you. If you are concerned about what others think of your actions, just count how many of them will really be happy when you eventually succeed.

If someone doesn’t cheer for your well-being, then why should their perspective matter? Such things are irrelevant and won’t stay around you for much time. Listen to advice from others but the final decision should always be yours. By doing so, you’ll not only have none to blame, but will also have no regrets. Life moves on even if you fail at some point or unintentionally tread along the wrong path. Life stops only when you throw in the towel, as a Chinese proverb goes — “Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up.”

(Inner Voice comprises contributions from our readers. The views expressed are personal.)

First Published: Jun 13, 2016 05:48 IST