BCCI should be holding fresh elections in three months, says CoA chief Vinod Rai

CoA chief Vinod Rai said the committee will step away and hand over the functioning powers to the new officials as soon as elections are complete.

cricket Updated: Aug 27, 2018 18:24 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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Committee of Administrators chief Vinod Rai (left) with Diana Edulji.(PTI)

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has registered the new constitution and the state associations have four weeks from August 21 to comply with it and file compliance report. Speaking to the media in the Capital on Monday, the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators made it clear that in normal circumstances, BCCI should be holding elections in three months.

CoA chief Vinod Rai further added that the committee will step away and hand over functioning powers to the new officials as soon as they come into office. Rai said that the CoA wouldn’t overstep the mandate given to them by the Supreme Court by even a day.

“We are looking at elections in about 90 days. The compliance report needs to be giving within four weeks from the date of registration. We have given the date as September 20. There is no cause for any ambiguity. Exit on the day the elected officials come into office. There is a specific mandate that has been given to the CoA, rest assured that we will not overstep it by a day,” he smiled.

While there has been some confusion on how exactly the state associations should interpret the BCCI constitution when reworking their respective constitutions, Rai cleared the air and said: “As far as the BCCI is concerned, the new constitution has come into effect and there is no two ways about it. The Supreme Court order is very clear. It says the state association should mirror the BCCI constitution. So whether it is a committee or a trust or a co-operative, it has to mirror the issues which are in the BCCI constitution.”

There has also been some confusion on whether an official is allowed to function for 9 years in the state and 9 years in the board or a combined term of 9 years. Rai said that he wouldn’t wish to interpret the order as the court has already been approached by some state bodies.

“The order is very clear, but since some people have approached the court, I don’t wish to give a BCCI interpretation of it because the board doesn’t give interpretation to these issues. I don’t wish to talk upfront because this issue has been raised in court. The court can clarify if it deems it needs clarification,” he said.

Rai and Diana Edulji said that former players would have a big role to play as per the new BCCI constitution and there experience and acumen will help the board.

“There is a directive to constitute a steering committee which will nominate two players who shall constitute the Apex Council. Former players coming into the administration of the BCCI is a very good step. Players’ voice will be heard. The Apex Council will have one male and one female member in not just the BCCI, but also in the state associations. All cricketing matters will be decided by the former players,” they explained.

The CoA’s term as supervisors also saw the ugly episode of a spat between skipper Virat Kohli and then coach Anil Kumble with the latter stepping down and Ravi Shastri being appointed as coach. There was also news that Zaheer Khan and Rahul Dravid had been appointed as assistant coaches, but Shastri put his foot down and got his own team. Rai said that the mandate for the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) was to only pick the head coach.

“Kumble had a one-year contract. It had no renewal or extension clause. When the CoA took over, we got to know a month later that his contract was expiring and we followed the protocol that was followed during his appointment. The idea was to select the head coach by the CAC — comprising of Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman. Transparency requires you follow a process and the due process throws up a result. The CAC was the entrusted body and they did what they felt was best. It wasn’t an unceremonious exit as his contract was only for a year. We made no statements on Zaheer Khan or Rahul Dravid’s appointments. Our job was to select the head coach through the due process,” he clarified.

When it comes to how the newly added teams in the domestic competition will recruit guest players and address other issues, Rai said: “Some of the associations have approached us for some clarification, so what we are doing is we will be putting up a guideline on the website for guidance. We don’t wish to say something and have the state associations say that we interpreted it wrongly. The state associations are free to interpret the constitution the way they want to and we will file compliance the way they have interpreted it. We will put out a model since some states have asked for it.”

Asked if the CoA had received any compliance report and who all they felt would not toe the line, Rai said: “It is court mandated, if somebody breaks it, we will report compliance accordingly. The registration was done on August 21, how do you expect compliance report to be filed by any of the state associations so soon? Far too early for us to discuss so and so will do it and so and so will not do it.”

Rai once again clarified that no power had been taken away from any office-bearers and it was a clear case of just following the new constitution in toto. “The bank account of the BCCI shall be operated by two authorized signatories from out of a list of authorized signatories, designated by the Apex Council from among the professional management who are based out of the headquarters in Mumbai. We have no choice. It says professional management based in Mumbai. Even today, there is an acting secretary, an acting president and an honourary treasurer. No powers have been taken away from anybody,” he said.

First Published: Aug 27, 2018 18:19 IST