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Fierce alright, but where is the focus Mr Chappell?

When chappell lost it
Hindustan Times | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON MAR 08, 2012 02:32 AM IST

When chappell lost it

"The culture is very different, it's not a team culture. They lack leaders in the team because they are not trained to be leaders. From an early age, their parents make all the decisions, their schoolteachers make their decisions, their cricket coaches make the decisions."

From the days of Ashoka down to the time of Mahatma Gandhi , Indian leaders have shown the world the way. So Chappell's assessment seems nothing more than a rant, which descends to the farcical when he talks about schoolteachers and cricket coaches making decisions. What's he smoking ? We want some.

"The culture of India is such that, if you put your head above the parapet someone will shoot it. Knock your head off. So they learn to keep their head down and not take responsibility. The Poms (British) taught them really well to keep their head down. For if someone was deemed to be responsible, they'd get punished. So the Indians have learned to avoid responsibility. So before taking responsibility for any decisions, they prefer not to."

If no one likes to take responsibility the Poms would still be here. Thankfully they're not. Going by the way he's been promoting the book, he should ask his own publishers about shirking responsibility. If Chappell really wants to know how to avoid responsibility, he should get his PR team together, and demand to know who wrote his speech.

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