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SL-U19 vs NAM-U19 Match 12 Results

Match 12, Kimberley, January 24, 2024, ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup, 2024
Sri Lanka Under-19 beat Namibia Under-19 by 77 runs
Sri Lanka Under-19133/10 (37.5 overs)
Namibia Under-1956/10 (27.0 overs)
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Sri Lanka Under-19 vs Namibia Under-19 Commentary

1:49 PM IST Right then, that's it from the coverage of this game. Sri Lanka Under-19 move to the top of the table with their second victory on the trot. Namibia Under-19 though will be hoping to come back stronger in their final match of the group stage. The action in the Under-19 World Cup will continue on 25th January 2024 with two matches lined up for you'll. One will see Australia go up against Zimbabwe, while in the other match it is the defending champions, India locking horns against Ireland. Both the matches will start at 1.30 pm IST. But as you all know, you can join us early for the build-up. Until then, take care and goodbye!
1:46 PM IST Sineth Jayawardena, the victorious skipper says that they are really happy to be on top of the table. He further adds that he is very disappointed about the wickets as they are not meeting the standards of the tournament. He says that they are well prepared to face Australia on the same venue. Ends by praising his bowlers and Supun Waduge for playing a superb innings to get them this win.
1:45 PM IST Alexander Volschenk, the captain of Namibia Under-19 is in for a chat. He starts by saying that their batting was very poor, he feels that they crumbled. Feels that fielding and bowling was really on the money. Hopes to figure things out in the batting department before the final game against Zimbabwe.
1:45 PM IST Supun Waduge wins the Player of the Match award for his gritty half-century. He starts by thanking his coaches and association for giving him the opportunity to play for the country and he is very happy to have performed for them. He also adds that the conditions were not something he has not faced before as the wickets in Sri Lanka too are like this. He adds by saying that he is looking to play better cricket in the matches to come.
1:44 PM IST Stay tuned for the presentations...
1:42 PM IST Sri Lanka Under-19 needed to apply the squeeze from the very first delivery, and they did that. Their bowlers did not forget to bring their A-game, and put the opposition under pressure with some good bowling. There was a lot of purchase on the deck and their bowlers capitalized on it. The new-ball bowlers were just dealing in dot ball and that automatically helped them to find the early breakthrough. Garuka Sanketh was the one who drew the first blood. Then the wickets kept coming at regular intervals. Mind-blowing strategies came into the picture as well, and every single bowling change from the skipper were inspirational for Sri Lanka Under-19 to get across the line here. They remain unbeaten in their group, which only makes their upcoming contest against Australia Under-19 much more intriguing.
1:35 PM IST No Namibia! NO! This is not how you do it. It is a defeat that will hurt them most, only because they might've felt that they had the upper hand during the innings break. Although, even their batters could not rise up to the occasion in this run chase. Just like Sri Lanka Under-19 struggled in the first innings, the same happened with Namibia Under-19, but the only difference between the two teams is that not a single batter put his hand up for Namibia Under-19. There were just three partnerships that went into double-digits for them, but none of these went above 20 runs. To make it worse for them, only a single batter in their top 8 could score a boundary, just ONE! Every single one of these batters were sent back on a single digit as well. Only Hanro Badenhorst and Peter-Daniel Blignaut got into double digits, but well you cannot expect too much from your tail-enders. All in all, it was a sorry performance with the blade in hand for Namibia Under-19.
1:32 PM IST OH MY GOD! What did we just witness here Kimberly. An engrossing game of cricket from the very first delivery. Sri Lanka Under-19 though certainly turned up in their low-score defense and never allowed Namibia Under-19 to shift gears, they were stuck on the first gear throughout the innings, and eventually were bundled out for just 56 runs. I'm sure everyone was thinking a completely different scenario during the halfway mark of this game.
End of over 2713 runs
NAM-U19: 56/10CRR: 2.07RRR: 3.39
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  • 4
  • 4
  • 4
  • 1(1LB)
  • W

Vishwa Lahiru to Junior Kariata, no run

OUT! LBW! THAT'S IT! GAME OVER! Sri Lanka Under-19 with an extraordinary bowling effort and they walk out as winners. Tossed up delivery, around off. The ball grips and turns into the batter. Junior Kariata looks to flick it away from inside the crease but misses. He gets pinged on his pads and the appeal is made for LBW. The umpire instantly raises his finger and brings an end to this enticing game.


Vishwa Lahiru to Peter-Daniel Blignaut, 1 run

LEG BYE! Fired in the pads. The ball rolls out off them and the batters cross for a leg bye.


Vishwa Lahiru to Peter-Daniel Blignaut, 4 runs

FOUR! Delicately placed this time. Short one, outside off. Peter-Daniel Blignaut waits for it and carves it through the gap at point. The ball finds the gap and races away to the boundary.


Vishwa Lahiru to Peter-Daniel Blignaut, 4 runs

FOUR! Consecutive boundaries then coming up now. Peter-Daniel Blignaut trying his best to reduce to deficit. It is full, on off. Peter-Daniel Blignaut drills it down to long on for four more runs.

SL-U19 vs NAM-U19 Venue Details

Diamond Oval, Kimberley, South Africa
Diamond Oval, Kimberley
Temperature, 32.89C, Clouds
Humidity - 29%Wind Speed 1.03 meter/sec
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