Prashant Sahgal, principal, Adarsh Public School, Bali Nagar(HT)
Prashant Sahgal, principal, Adarsh Public School, Bali Nagar(HT)

Guruvani: ‘Gen Next is good at multi-tasking’

This forum provides school principals/ teachers a chance to share their views and insights on a wide range of subjects with students
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON AUG 02, 2019 10:48 AM IST

What is the biggest professional challenge that you face in your role as a principal?

The biggest challenge as we enter a new decade is the ability of the institution to ensure learning in a safe and healthy environment. With the poor air quality and advent of life threatening diseases like swine flu and dengue among children, it is important that the school environment is clean and hygienic for all members at all times. Hand-washing techniques, menstrual hygiene, eating habits and lifestyle have an important role in the overall growth of the child too.

Trained non-teaching staff and coaches in handling children have a significant role to play in ensuring the mental and emotional well being of every child. The right and safe use of school equipment will be of critical importance too.

Once a teacher, always a teacher. Do you agree?

Absolutely and why not. It is the noblest profession of all, still!

Success has become an obsession with people of all ages nowadays? Comment.

Instant gratification, selfie cameras and not a DSLR, real time feedback to one IT companies, time is money in a real sense today! So people cannot wait for things to happen in the 21st century. They want instant success and then want to move onto their other priorities. It is a side effect of an urban lifestyle.

What in your view is GenNext’s biggest strength? Which are the key areas of improvement?

Multi-tasking is a big strength, goal clarity at an early age is another, With a plethora of knowledge at their doorstep, there are quite a few strengths at their disposal compared to our times.

Given the diverse needs of today’s youngsters, what emphasis do you put on teacher training?

Teacher training is at the forefront of any institution. With rapid changes in teaching methodology, curriculum, EQ of children, you can only be updated by constant training and retraining. Thus, vacations become the best time of the year such training.

With their vast experience and wisdom how can the elderly contribute to students’ all-round growth and development?

Spiritual and moral education is a must from the older generation. We neglect this. We need their help to bring peace, harmony and brotherhood in our system.

What according to you is the role of media in education?

The newspaper through HT PACE is an excellent way to sensitise students to what’s happening around the world and keeping unwanted information out of their reach.

Tell us about your leisure activities and how you spend time with family and friends?

Social work initiatives with Rotary International Chicago, USA, reading a good book, spending time with my children or an early morning run or cycling.

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