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Step inside Diljit Dosanjh's home as he gives a hilarious tour in Punjabi: 'Painting order kidi si...'

Diljit Dosanjh has given a hilarious tour of his house. He has shown his messy bedroom with glass walls, his favourite place to chill and the corners with missing paintings.
Diljit Dosanjh has given a house tour. 
Updated on Apr 08, 2022 03:23 PM IST

Diljit Dosanjh never fails to amuse his fans with his funny posts on social media. The actor-singer has now given a tour of his house in a funny video in which he explains why the house looks the way it does. From mentioning that the kitchen door needs repair and the reason behind the missing paintings, Diljit's commentary made the video a hilarious watch. Also read: Diljit Dosanjh crawls on floor, makes animated gestures as he plays virtual reality game; fan says ‘Oh god’. Watch

The video opens with Diljit standing at the main door and showing a green artefact kept near the entrance. He first shows off his kitchen and reveals that his cook is always on phone. The cook is seen glued to his cellphone after preparing tea. As Diljit tries to open an unhikitchen door. He declares that it seems to be broken and refuses to open it any further.

Moving to his living area, Diljit shows his favourite place to chill. A grey L-shaped couch is placed in front of a television set and a table. He points towards a wall behind the couch and says that he had ordered a painting for the area and had even made the payment but it was never delivered. Talking about the two overflowing suitcases kept open on one side, he says he doesn't have time as he has a world tour and will wash his under garments in the hotel itself. “We are very busy person you know," he says. A dining table is also seen placed in another corner.


He then shows his room with glass walls. He says Rajkumar's famous dialogue, “Jinke ghar sheeshe ke hote hain wo dusro pe patthar nahi mara karte.” The room seems to be a mess with clothes thrown all over. “Look at my fashion,” he says. The actor explains that during bedtime, he shifts the clothes to the floor but that hinders his path to the washroom. He adds that during his yoga session, he shifts the clothes to the other bed. An indoor couch swing is also seen in the bedroom.

He goes on to show his walk-in closet but says it has so many packed suitcases that he considers not having any such room at all. Moving to the guest room, he mentions how his friends come for a sleepover but do not have time to fold the sheets.

Sharing the video, Diljit wrote, “@archdigestindia @archdigest We Like Your Episodes.. But Check Out Sada (AD-MD - Architectural Digest MARZI DA) Born To Shine” World Tour 2022.”

Ayushmann Khurrana reacted to the video with a laughing emoji. A fan reacted, “Home tour hove ta ehda da hove, vrna na hove (if there is a home tour, it should be like this, else there shouldn't be a home tour at all).”

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