Did Suga's tattoo reveal lead to screaming, panic at Seoul subway station? - Hindustan Times

Did Suga's tattoo reveal in live session lead to screaming, chaos and panic at Seoul subway station? Here's what we know

Aug 07, 2023 01:01 PM IST

After his D-Day concert in Seoul, Suga held a live session on Weverse. He gave a glimpse of his tattoo at the KSPO Dome and also during the live.

BTS member Suga on Sunday held his final D-Day concert at KSPO Dome in Seoul. It was attended by a huge crowd. After the concert, as BTS fans headed home in the subway, an incident took place near one of the stations. Reportedly, it was caused by Suga's tattoo reveal during a live session on Weverse. (Also Read | Suga announces military enlistment day after his Seoul concert, BTS fans are heartbroken)

An incident took place inside a subway train in Seoul.
An incident took place inside a subway train in Seoul.

Suga showed his 7 tattoo

On the final day of the show, Suga took off his jacket and gave fans a quick glimpse of his '7' friendship tattoo. This was the first time he showed it after getting it inked over a year ago. Just after his concert, Suga, keeping up with tradition, held a live session on Weverse. Here, some fans asked him to show his tattoo. The BTS singer laughed and took off his jacket to reveal that he got it on his shoulder where he once got hurt.

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Fans screamed inside subway

Many fans were at that point travelling back home from the concert in the subway. As per several Korean media reports, BTS ARMY started screaming inside the metro after seeing Suga's tattoo, triggering an alarm with people running in panic and resulting in chaos. SBS News citing the police said that around 8.36 pm on Sunday cops as well as firefighters arrived at Sinnonhyeon Station. They received approximately 20 reports describing chaotic scenes on Seoul Subway Line 9 to Gimpo Airport.

Passengers got scared and rushed out of train

As per the report, they saw passengers running about in Sinnonhyeon Station in a bid to get out of the train and station. Some of them even fell on the floor and stairs with seven hurting themselves. The police and firefighters evacuated the passengers and inspected the train as well as the station. However, they found no gas leak, weapon holding or act of terror like they were told.

What police found

It was later revealed, reportedly, that the screams from fans caused the panic. Several pictures showed bags, food, drinks, umbrella, shoes and other objects lying on the floor of the train as the passengers left them behind while rushing out. Initially when the reports emerged that people complained of 'smell of gas', BTS ARMY took to Twitter and started trending, "Apologize to BTS. Respect BTS. We are with BTS."

People reacted to the incident

People took to Reddit and spoke about the incident. A person wrote, "To clarify: There were multiple causes for the mass panic incident. As stated by police officers in the KBS article, 'According to eyewitnesses, foreign women screamed while watching a BTS video, so the passengers on the subway were shocked and pushed to one side, making a fuss'. Additionally, as is also stated in the KBS article, people had also smelled gas and were panicking as they tried to evacuate." Another comment read, “I just don't understand why you'd hysterically scream like that, over someone's tattoo especially loud enough to cause panic, seems over the top.”

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