Prateik has no pictures with mom

As the release date of Dhobi Ghat draws closer actor Prateik reveals he’s missing his mother Smita Patil more with every passing day.

entertainment Updated: Dec 18, 2010 14:58 IST
Hiren Kotwani
Hiren Kotwani
Hindustan Times

Come January 2011, and a new phase of career will begin for Prateik with Aamir Khan Productions’ Dhobi Ghat. Set to release on January 21, the film marks his debut in a full-fledged role. However, as the release date draws closer, a source close to the actor reveals he’s missing his mother Smita Patil more with every passing day.

“While it’s common for children to have photographs with their parents during their growing up years, Prateik doesn’t have even one picture with his mother, Smitaji,” reveals our source. Patil had fallen fatally ill after the birth of her son on November 28, 1986. And 15 days later, on December 13, succumbed to her illness.

prateikConsequentially, due to the panic of Patil’s critical illness, and care for the newborn Prateik, no one in the family thought of clicking any pictures of the mother and son together. As a result, the actor doesn’t have a single photographic memoir with his mother.

Our source tells us that Prateik often laments that while he has many photographs of his mother, solo, and with other family members and friends, there’s not one such memory with her that he can cherish. “It’s quite sad, but considering the situation back then, clicking a picture of Prateik and Smitaji together was the last thing on anybody’s minds,” our source says.

Prateik says, “My grandparents feel more sad than me about this, as they think that they should have shot at least one photograph of me with my mother. I guess I’m mature enough to understand the gravity of the situation at that time and not despair now.”

First Published: Dec 18, 2010 12:36 IST