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Ahsoka Season 1 cliffhanger ending leaves fans craving for more, here's when Season 2 is expected (Spoiler Alert)

ByArya Vaishnavi
Oct 04, 2023 03:14 PM IST

As Ahsoka Season 1 comes to a close, fans were left disappointed with how the Finale ended, giving rise to anticipation on the Season 2 release date

Ahsoka Season 1 finally came to a close on Tuesday with its finale episode titled, ‘The Jedi, The Witch, and The Warlord’. Looking back at the storyline, the audience did get a sense of relief after Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra's heartwarming reunion in Episode 7, titled ‘Dreams and Madness’ despite the looming threat.

Star Wars Ahsoka(Lucas Film)
Star Wars Ahsoka(Lucas Film)

After the final episode of Season 1 Star Wars fans can't hold back on their excitement for Season 2. The way the season ended, fans were left disappointed and demanding for the next season. So, here's what happened in Ahsoka Season 1 Finale.

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What happens in Ahsoka Season 1 Finale?

The season finale opens with a serious conversation between Morgan Elsbeth and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Amidst the conversation, during which Morgan's arrogance is evident, Thrawn is quick to remind her how the Rebellion and Jedi beat the Empire before.

As the Nightsister Great Mothers thank Morgan for offering the Gift of Shadows, Thrawn expresses his gratitude to them. They rewarded her loyalty by turning her into one of them and gave her the Blade of Talzin.

Huyang inquired who taught Ezra to make a lightsaber, to which, Sabine mentioned Kanan Jarrus. Huyang then revealed that he himself taught Kanan during his training.

The audience is now given a moment of touching interaction between the group as Huyang hands Ezra the lightsaber hilt he kept in case Kanan ever needed it. This was the only thing Ezra needed to finish his blue katana.

Over the course of the conversation between the group, Sabine and Ahsoka reconcile over past choices. Thrawn's TIE fighters disable their ship and Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine hop on some howlers while Huyang stays behind.

The Night Troopers are resurrected by the Nightsisters, leading to a battle as Thrawn requests more time from Morgan to deal with the Jedi.

In the intense moment, Morgan and Ahsoka have a rematch, and Sabine uses the Force to save herself and Ezra. Ultimately, Ahsoka defeats Morgan while Thrawn retreats.

The group returns to the Noti, and Thrawn's ship damages Ahsoka's, and Ezra is left behind much to the audience's dismay. Shin Hati then arrives with her lightsaber and Baylan Skoll discovers statues representing Balance in the Force on the planet.

The Eye of Sion returns to the known galaxy and approaches Dathomir as Ezra returns to the New Republic, surprising Hera (and the audience).

Lastly, Ahsoka and Sabine prepare to move on, and Anakin's Force ghost watches over Ahsoka. The Finale ends with a sense of closure for Ahsoka and her connection with Anakin.

How did the fans react to Ahsoka Season 1 ending?

By the time season finale was over, fans flocked the social media expressing their discontentment over what happened and how they had expected more.

One disheartened fan wrote on X, “No way Ahsoka ends like that, give me season 2 now.”

Another fan wrote, “This entire sequence felt like it was straight out of a video game in the best way possible.”

A user who seemed to have enjoyed the finale despite the abrupt ending, wrote, “Dave Filoni does not miss man! another perfect episode and a perfect way to end the Ashoka Finale #ahsoka #Anakin #Sabine #Ezra I knew I could count on you Disney Star Wars”

An ardent Star Wars fan showcased how they can't wait for Season 2 by sharing a meme on X, formerly Twitter.

When is Ahsoka Season 2 expected?

Ahsoka Season 2 is unlikely to debut anytime soon. It doesn't appear to be slated for release next year, especially with other Star Wars projects such as 'The Acolyte' scheduled for 2024. Judging by this year's releases, Disney seems open to having both 'The Mandalorian' and 'Ahsoka' seasons in the same year. Therefore, 2025 is likely the earliest we can expect to continue Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra's story, although it's always possible that Thrawn might make an appearance elsewhere

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