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Sidhant Gupta, Chintan Rachchh, Aashim Gulati, Bhuvan Arora: Meet young actors who are breaking the internet

May 27, 2023 09:32 AM IST

In the recent past, a few characters on OTT have left a lasting impression on viewers’ minds. We look at six young actors, who have amazed audiences.

As OTT platforms continue to give actors a fair chance to showcase their acting chops, there seems to be some performances that stand out, and strike an instant chord with audiences. And of late, there have been quite a few such effortless acts that left a lasting impact. These young artistes have succeeded in not just captivating audiences but also proving that all it takes is that one right project to get you noticed, and in some cases, make you an overnight sensation. We talk to some of these fresh faces that came, conquered and left audiences craving for more. Also read: Sidhant Gupta delivers star-making performance in Motwane's sad, slow burn about movies. Check out Jubilee review

From Sidhant Gupta to Bhuvan Arora, several young actors gave phenomenal performance on OTT this year.
From Sidhant Gupta to Bhuvan Arora, several young actors gave phenomenal performance on OTT this year.

Sidhant Gupta in Jubilee

As Jay Khanna, a strong character who perseveres and refuses to give up, regardless of challenges, Sidhant emerged as one of the most promising talents after his debut series.

“The show has my heart and the love I am receiving, I haven’t felt so much love ever. Jubilee has given me what it had to give me. It’s like a lifetime that I spent. When you give everything to a character, every second for a year and a half, it gives you something in return and that was beautiful. It’s the most incredibly written character that I’ve ever read. I was literally in disbelief,” Sidhant Gupta had said.

Aashim Gulati in Taj: Divided by Blood

The actor did a stellar job as Salim in the period drama series, where he played the son of Akbar, a character essayed by Naseeruddin Shah. His demeanour and understanding of the character gave him an edge that reflected in his performance.

Gulati tells us, “A layman coming up to me and really appreciating for my performance is the biggest reward that I’ve received after the show and I’m enjoying it. The perception of the industry towards me has also changed from a good looking man to an actor. This is the first time people have really liked my work, putting aside the way I look. However, I’m actually not getting a lot of offers after Taj. The right eyeballs have not been caught yet. The right directors that probably I’d have wanted to watch the show have not yet watched it, for whatever reason. But if the right people saw Taj, things would have been different, and I would have been getting a lot more offers than what it is today.”

Vyom Yadav in a still from Garmi.
Vyom Yadav in a still from Garmi.

Vyom Yadav in Garmi

In the Tigmanshu Dhulia directorial, the actor essays the role of Arvind Shukla, a young student who gets entangled in the world of politics and crime. He convincingly brought complex character to life and had a strong screen presence.

“This was a dream debut project. Working with a director whose work experience is more than you total age, I don’t think I could have asked for anything more. In fact, someone told me during the shoot that this is the kind of story that a star kid gets. More than me, my co-stars were confident that this project will change my life and I will get lead offers. After leading a project like this, any director would trust me as an artiste. The approach of the industry has also changed after this. Earlier when I used to come to Mumbai, nobody would recognise me. I was just another face standing outside the casting houses. But now, things have taken a u-turn. From casting agents to producers to directors, everybody knows me now,” the actor beams with excitement.

Chintan Rachchh in Class

The actor won hearts as Faruq, a young boy from an orthodox family, who is into substance abuse and the centre of attention for his sexual orientation.

“When I first heard the script and read about my character, I didn’t really know whether it was going to the character is going to impact the audience. But, I was absolutely certain that I’m not going to be the same after doing this show. Faruq is nowhere near who I am, and I had to start imbibing the character within me from scratch. And it impacted my career externally in a good way. I’m grateful that it happened,” says Rachchh, whose character is one of the most challenging and layered among the 11 main members of the cast.

Bhuvan Arora has become a household name after the success of Farzi.
Bhuvan Arora has become a household name after the success of Farzi.

Bhuvan Arora in Farzi

As Sunny’s (Shahid Kapoor) trusted friend and confidante, Firoz, the actor delivered a powerful and nuanced performance and brought a balance of depth and authenticity to his character.

“Though people are appreciating me, I’m very critical of my own performance. While watching the show, there were so many places where I thought I could have been better or delivered a dialogue in a different way and be more impactful. I believe there’s always a scope for improvement. I’m enjoying the appreciation but not letting the success of the show put pressure on me. I like to push my boundaries. I’m excited but not anxious,” says the actor.

Abhilash Thapliyal in SK Sir Ki Class

His role in the series Aspirants is what catapulted him to fame. But, little did the actor know his character, SK Sir, would have its own spin-off.

“Whenever I see myself on the screen, I always feel grateful ki mujhe mauka mil gaya screen par dikhne ka. That’s why, when I do something, I do it with 100% honesty. In fact, that’s the only way I know of executing a character. And I had put my heart and soul to this character as well. What makes it special for me is the fact that this was the first character of the TVF world, which got a spin off show of its own. I had doubts in my head initially because I had been part of ensemble casts so far, but this one project was relying on me. I was the main character. The project was on my shoulder. So, it was a bit tricky ki mujhe log dekhne aaenge ya nahi (whether people will watch me or not), and its success has given me confidence as an artiste,” says Thapliyal.

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