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Health scan

A snapshot of the current thinking in medicine, fitness and lifestyle trends that impact your life.

health and fitness Updated: Apr 07, 2012 23:08 IST
Hindustan Times

Video gaming to fix lazy eye
Eye specialists in the UK have developed a video game to treat a common sight problem in children. Kids who suffer from a lazy eye, or Amblyopia, can play the game instead of wearing an eye patch. Tests suggested playing the Tetris-style game resulted in an almost immediate improvement. Children wear special gaming goggles while playing the game for an hour a day for up to 10 days. The goggles feed a clearer image to the lazy eye.

The condition affects three or four in every 100 children.

CT scan risk higher for the obese
CT scans are bad news if you weigh more than you should, says study. It expose the internal organs of men with obesity to around 62% more radiation on average than the organs of men of a healthy weight receive. For women, the dose was 59% higher in cases of obesity. CT scans have been shown to slightly increase a person's risk of developing cancer. Because obese people receive more radiation, they are 60% more likely at risk than those of average weight.

Troubled sleepers at depression risk
Snorting and stopping breathing during sleep are associated with depression, even in people whose symptoms do not meet the criteria for a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea, reports the journal Sleep.

Among those with a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea, depression was more than twice as common among men and more than five times as common among women, compared with those who did not have the condition.

Alcohol after heart attack good too
It's well established that moderate alcohol consumption may ward off heart disease. But even after a heart attack, an alcoholic drink a day may be good for a man's health, reports the European Heart Journal.

After controlling for smoking, body mass index, diabetes, high blood pressure, aspirin use and other factors, the researchers found that, compared with abstainers, men who drank one or two glasses of beer or wine daily, or one or two shots of liquor, were 34% less likely to die of any cause and 42% less likely to die of heart disease.

Diagnosing dyslexia early
Signs of dyslexia may begin even before a child tries to read, reports the journal Current Biology. Dyslexia - a developmental reading disorder that occurs when the brain does not properly recognise certain symbols - cannot just be considered a language problem. It affects comprehension and visual understanding of symbols and patterns. The study found that children who had difficulty identifying certain symbols, patterns and sentences had a harder time reading later on.

First Published: Apr 07, 2012 23:03 IST