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Justice League: Before heroes gather, watch these awesome animated movies, series

New to the DC Comics Universe? Well, before you watch the Justice League movie, do your homework by watching these awesome animation TV series and movies.

hollywood Updated: Nov 15, 2017 21:03 IST
Kul Bhushan
Kul Bhushan
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
Justice League,Justice League animated movies,Justice League animated series
Have you seen the Justice League animated movie, series yet?

“There’s an attack coming from far away.” “Not coming, Bruce. It’s already here.” Wonder Woman senses the imminent threat that is looming upon the world. With Superman gone (or not?), it’s upon our favourite superheroes Batman, Wonder Woman and other “meta-humans” to form an alliance to prevent the darkness. Welcome, the Justice League: The Dawn of Justice.

As a big fan of DC Comics, I have always wanted to see a Justice League movie on the bigger screen. Before you start judging me, I love Marvel movies too. After all, Marvel Studios have pioneered the superhero movies. But, Justice League is a different ballgame altogether. Just think about the characters we’re going to see on the screen together – Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg and Flash. Will there be Green Lantern as well? We hope so.

However, before you watch the film, you need a refresher to see the animation series. It was dark and intense even before Jack Snyder gave the “dark treatment” to Superman through “Man of Steel.”

Just read this conversation between Superman and Batman in one of the episodes:

“You don’t know Darkseid like I do,” a nervous Superman tells his JL colleagues, remembering one of his worst nightmares.

“We know he used you. Humiliated you. Brainwashed you. Round you up like a tin soldier and turned you lose against Earth. Cry me a river,” responds a stone-cold Batman without blinking his eyes followed by a big stare-down between the two gentlemen.

We’re talking that intense. But let’s be honest, will the film be that dark? Probably not. The trailers show Bruce Wayne all smiling, which has been a rarity in the animation series and movies. Before you hit the theaters on November 17, it’s probably good time to freshen up your fond memories of good old Justice League. And if you haven’t watched any of these series or animated movies, you still got 48 hours to binge watch.

Justice League TV series

The classic Justice League we all grew up with ran from 2001 and 2004. The series has a much larger group of superheroes ranging from Hawkgirl, Green Lantern (John Stewart) to Martian Manhunter. There’s also the Plastic Man and I bet you would have never heard of him. If you’re done with the TV series, watch Justice League Unlimited, which has about 39 episodes.

If you ask my favourite, “The Once and Future Thing, Part One: Weird Western Tales” is my favourite of the series. Without spoiling much for you, it involves a bit of time travel and fighting the maniac scientist Chronos.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

This one has to be the best animated Justice League movie. As the name suggests, Flash is at the center of the plotline. And once again, it has time travel, parallel universes and then elusive paradox. I’ll suggest you to look up Flash’s arch enemy, Zoom. While the storyline is a bit linear, it does show a much darker side of the DC universe, what if good were not good, heroes were the villains and one hero fought another hero. The results are most likely to be devastating.

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

There’s a lot of parallel universe, teleportation and time travel in Justice League. The two Earths follow the same philosophy but has its own twists and turns. After all, can you imagine Lex Luthor as the good guy? Well, this one has it.

But the best part of the movie? The epic battle between Batman and his doppelganger Owlman. “It doesn’t matter,” the final words from Owlman are the most fascinating way to explain everything that the man stood for.

Honourable mentions

Not really among my favourites but still these films were fun to watch -- Justice League: Doom, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis and Justice League vs. Teen Titans.

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First Published: Nov 15, 2017 20:58 IST