Reel to real heroes

Hollywood stars are turning Good Samaritan by getting people out of danger in real life.

hollywood Updated: May 12, 2012 01:00 IST

Actors seem to be using their celluloid training in real life, as they are rescuing people in crisis these days. The newest one to come to notice is veteran actor Dustin Hoffman who saved the life of a London lawyer when the latter suffered a heart attack while jogging in the city’s Hyde Park.

“I have no memory of what happened. The paramedics told me I had been saved by Dustin Hoffman. It’s unbelievable,” Sam Dempster, 27, was quoted as saying by the Sun. Docs said that the Rain Man star, 74, called emergency services and tended to Dempster as he waited for them to arrive.

Hoffman is not just the only celebrity who turned Good Samaritan in recent weeks. Black Swan actor Mila Kunis helped for a man who collapsed and had a seizure while working at her Los Angeles home last weekend.

Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey saved a teenager from a car wreck in Malibu last month, while actor Ryan Gosling grabbed a British woman to stop her from being hit by a car in Manhattan in April.

First Published: May 11, 2012 18:11 IST