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National Siblings Day | Taapsee Pannu and Shagun Pannu get candid about their sister bond and having a friend at home

ByNavya Kharbanda
Apr 10, 2024 09:44 AM IST

On National Siblings Day, sisters Taapsee and Shagun Pannu talk to us exclusively about their bond, her private wedding, and much more.

They are not identical twins yet there’s a lot they have in common, case in point their smiles and wit. One look at their Instagram accounts, and you’d know Pannu sisters are big fitness freaks and travel junkies, and their energy is infectious. Together, they are a vibe you can’t miss notice. So, on National Siblings Day today, who better than actor Taapsee Pannu (36) and sister Shagun Pannu (33) to celebrate the bond and indulge in a freewheeling chat talking about everything that counts from what they love, hate and tolerate about life, and each other. Though not a morning person, Shagun was still at her chatty best, while both completed each other’s answers, thus serving major sibling goals. And yes, we made them spill some beans on Taapsee’s secret and intimate Udaipur wedding, too. Here are some excerpts from the exclusive chat:

Taapsee and Shagun Pannu
Taapsee and Shagun Pannu

You both celebrate life every moment be it through travel or other common passions. What significance does a day like Siblings Day hold for you?

Taapsee: For us, when we both are together at home, it always ends up as a sibling day. We realise, courtesy the newspapers, that it’s national siblings day today. We have been celebrating this day since forever, whenever we are together under the same roof. We like to keep it like that. Both of us have very different professions, and we can’t spent all days together. So, we try to make most of it from whatever we get. And this time Siblings Day is falling very close to Shagun’s birthday (April 8), so it’s going to be a double celebration, and we are going to merge both the parties.

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Shagun: Having a sibling means so much because it’s like having that one friend at home. Whenever we are together, we are always making plans or watching a movie. The best part is that you don’t have to go out to find friends — you are born with one. Our circle is very small, let’s just put it like that!

Describe your bond in one line...

Taapsee: It feels like the pressure of an Instagram caption (laughs). We are an object of entertainment and a subject to fall on each other. We can make fun of each other and rely on each other at the same time. We don’t have to go and look for a person.

Shagun: It’s fun and entertaining. We are always there to entertain each other.

Tell us the one thing you love about each other, and one thing you would want to change.

Shagun: Taapsee has found this new thing of styling me. Whenever I’ve to go out for a party or meeting, she’s like,’I will decide your clothes’! She puts my heels and dresses together. I actually don’t care about it at all, I’d walk out of the door, however. What I really like about her is that there’s someone who’s ready to make that effort. I’ve got a stylist at home, free of cost!

One thing that I’d change is that she always wants me around. Whenever she’s free, she’d call me and ask me to come back home. She is free, so she wants me to leave everything and come to her.

Taapsee: I like her sense of humour. It’s the best that we can laugh at the darkest of things in our lives. She can make jokes out of the worst things happening to us. Whenever I am down, she will eventually make me laugh with her dark humour.

What I don’t like is that I can’t talk to her before 11 am. I’m a morning person and very hyper active, I want to hug her and talk to her in the morning, but she’ll be in no mood until she has breakfast and a cup of coffee, she gets social only post noon. I hope that really changes because my half day is over by that time.

Sibling stay siblings for life. Do you still fight with each other over petty things or bigger issues?

Taapsee: Bachpan mein toh ladai remote ke liye hoti thi kyunki main bol deti thi main badi hoon, so I will decide what we will watch on television.

Shagun: Main hamesha maan leti thi, but then one day I decided I won’t give in. And that day we fought really bad, physically and that too with the remote.

Taapsee: Now, thankfully, we don’t have such physical fights, that would be very draining! We are two different individuals and there are different opinions, so we do argue about that. But now, it has come to a point where we will probably just walk out and not talk to each other for sometime, and then come back whenever we calm down. So now, its more like a timeout way of dealing with it.

We often confide in our siblings about our relationships and love life. As sisters, do you share that kind of rapport where you take or give approvals for each other’s life partners?

Taapsee: I should probably never give recommendations to Shagun when it comes to boys, because he turns out to be terrible always. That hasn’t worked well in our case. But yes, in my case, she was probably not okay with, or didn’t know much about any other person that I’ve been with, but just Mathias (Boe; badminton player) and that thankfully was approved quickly. So, we didn’t have to do any convincing for him.

Shagun: I think approval of your sibling does matter a lot. It matters so much that I don’t ask her till I’m sure about it because that can change my judgement also, after she says something about someone. Mathias was a quick okay from my side. I try to make sure and then tell her but she tells me even before she even formalises her relationship, we are different that way.

Your vacation photos are a big hit on social media and they serve major travel goals. Is there some siblings holiday pact between you two?

Shagun: It’s like an unsaid thing. Whenever we have time, we make plans and go out. It has even happened that I make plans with my friends and Taapsee also joins us. It’s mostly her only. She loves making plans and going on vacations. Northern Lights is something that we haven’t been able to plan yet because we will have to end up going to a very cold place. A cold place during cold months is not our thing, we can’t handle that!

Taapsee: Whenever I’ve to go somewhere for work, I end up extending the trip and calling her over. It works in our favour because she also doesn’t have a regular 9-5 job, she has a seasonal one. She is her own boss, so it becomes flexible for our holidays. Maybe because we were brought up together, it doesn’t feel like an extra effort to sync your needs for a holiday. Not everyone has the same pattern or liking of approaching a holiday. It is easy with each other! I try not to repeat countries, we choose places according to the weather. Whenever summers are coming, we try to go to places where it’s cold, and the weather is better.

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