Indrani Mukerjea and her husband Peter Mukerjea(PTI File Photo)
Indrani Mukerjea and her husband Peter Mukerjea(PTI File Photo)

10 things Peter and Indrani said about Sheena in phone calls with Rahul

A set of 21 audio clips featuring former media baron Peter Mukerjea, his son Rahul Mukerjea and wife Indrani Mukerjea has surfaced, showing how the three discussed the disappearance of Sheena Bora, a 24-year-old who police say was murdered in 2012.
Hindustan Times | By Presley Thomas, Mumbai
UPDATED ON AUG 26, 2016 01:09 PM IST

A set of 21 audio clips featuring former media baron Peter Mukerjea, his son Rahul Mukerjea and wife Indrani Mukerjea has surfaced, showing how the three discussed the disappearance of Sheena Bora, a 24-year-old who police say was murdered in 2012.

The Central Bureau of Investigation alleges Indrani, her former husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyamvar Rai strangled Sheena -- Indrani’s daughter from an earlier relationship -- inside a car in April, 2012. The trio was arrested in August last year, while Peter was arrested in November.

Sheena’s skeletal remains were recovered by police from Maharashtra’s Raigad district -- 110 km from Mumbai -- last year.

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The clips show Rahul in conversation with Indrani and Peter over a period of two weeks, beginning with what appears to be the immediate aftermath of the murder. The recordings were made by Rahul, who was in a relationship with Sheena.

Here are 10 things Peter and Indrani can be heard saying in the audio tapes the CBI has taken into account during its investigation. The quotes are not in any particular order:

1) Peter: As far as I am concerned, what has happened to Sheena is that she has gone on her own accord somewhere and she doesn’t want to be in touch with anybody right now.

2) Peter: My suggestion to you (Rahul)… and it is only a suggestion… advice to you, guidance... if that is what it is… leave it alone… she will come back when she wants to come back… if she hasn’t been in touch with anybody and she’s gone off and you know wants to be… wants to be in… wants to be in hiding… She wants to go with somebody… may be she is with somebody… maybe this somebody is an imaginary person… I don’t know and I don’t want to at least. That is her look out. Right. Her choice. Here’s the matter… as I said we got bigger fish fry… you got other things to do… wait till the time is right and she will either come back to you or she will not come back to you. (A car honks in the background). That’s it now… you… you can go turning the whole world upside down. Go right finding out who, where, what, this, that. You might… you might some clues and you might find Sheena. Good. Then what happens after that. You will be… then… you will be satisfied that… haa… she is okay.

3) Peter: Okay. Now… After you done your search and you don’t find her because she has covered her trails nicely then what happens? You still… you know… three weeks later… two weeks later… one week later… whatever period of time later… everybody has done all the homework here and still haven’t been able to find her… for whatever reasons… where she’s gone?... what she’s at… What happens?

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4) Peter: Do you hear I will sort this thing… We have spoken to someone on call, even Bharti who is head of Mumbai crime branch, he is a senior police officer. He is known to me very well for long time. We called them and he just asked her number. Then we gave him your number and Sheena’s number.

5) Peter: You know what I’m saying. When I said to you listen, I am assured that she is fine, at that point of time I am not lying to you, I am telling you I assure you that she is fine. But when I start to feel uncomfortable the most, you know may be there is more to this them I am sharing that with you too, saying yes, I am little bit more concerned than I was this time yesterday. So I am, that’s why I am talking about both, Indrani and me both, right. We have spoken to…just now.

6) Peter: They know how to track phone lines and phone messages…and find out what is the most recent activity. So I guess let him do his homework now… he’s got… he has been informed… he is a friend… he is doing it as a friend… and he said he is gonna get back to us… you know… in the next day or so.

7) Indrani: I will tell you that very honestly… till now I was not concerned… you know… okay till morning I said theek hai (it’s okay)… I mean she is run away… she is run away… but the fact is… you know now… it has been like you said it’s been four days… at least if someone… I am trying to think of somebody she has contacted… anybody… okay… who she would have touched base with. I don’t know any… I know only two three of her friends you know… you know Pranoy, Sanjana, Pranami… beyond that I don’t know anybody… sometimes she mentions work girls and all. Now I have no idea who this Nagpur fellow is… all we want to know that if there is anything in Nagpur… whatever… is her phone located to Nagpur… has she gone to Nagpur… is she in Nagpur… then okay fair enough… then we let go whatever… you know… then we take a call. Then we don’t have to go around… you know… but at least till we don’t know… I myself didn’t want to wait for 24 hours.

8) Indrani: So… we have communicated… and in the meanwhile we have started the process… if you suddenly receive a call don’t panic. I mean somebody might just call you to ask you know when was the last time she contacted whatever… whatever… I mean… because she lived with you. So they will call you… okay. So don’t panic. Now we are also getting a bit concerned. So that’s the thing.

9) Indrani: If you have anything you have my number also… if there is any need we will come down to Mumbai… whatever… don’t worry… we have set the ball rolling… we can’t go higher than this… we have informed the head of the crime branch… Probably what we basically want to establish is… now for me here the concern is only that I don’t know who the hell this guy is from Nagpur. Some guy with a Bentley or whatever… I have no clue who he is. Number one. Ok now if

10) Indrani: Anyway so now…all that I want to know is that she is alright and that’s it…beyond that you know…I am not going to kind of… you know… kill myself over this.

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