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Karnataka Assembly Floor Test Highlights - Karnataka trust vote debate to continue on Monday, announces Speaker

Karnataka Assembly Floor Test Highlights: Speaker KR Ramesh has told the MLAs in the Assembly that trust vote debate will continue on Monday.

By | Jul 19, 2019 22:22 IST

After multiple rounds of debate between the Congress-Janta Dal (Secular) coalition and the Bharatiya Janata Party lawmakers, the Karnataka Assembly Speaker postponed the debate on the confidence motion until Monday.

BJP state president BS Yeddyurappa termed the postponement of the trust vote as ‘gross injustice’. He also remained confident that Monday will be the last day of this government, he said while speaking to the media, while leaving the Vidhana Soudha.

The Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy was directed by Governor Vajubhai Vala to prove his coalition government’s majority by 1:30 pm on Friday, but he asked the Speaker to ask the lawmakers to reconvene on Monday. Speaker KR Ramesh has asked the lawmakers to come to a consensus. The Speaker had clearly indicated earlier during the proceedings that the trust vote needs to happen on Friday evening itself.

The Congress-JD(S) lawmakers kept asserting that BJP was destabilizing the government elected by people’s mandate, after which the speaker postponed the voting for floor test, directing the debate to continue. “According to our rules there is no opportunity to go for division without discussion. I know you are in a hurry but that is not possible. It is up to the chief minister to respond to the letter Governor wrote to him,” Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar had said earlier.

Catch all the major highlights here:

10:06 PM IST

‘Monday will be the last day of this government’: BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa

BS Yeddyurappa spoke to the media before leaving the Vidhana Soudha where he said that the coalition party was prolonging the proceedings. He said, ‘Despite multiple letters by the Governor to conduct the floor test today, they have prolonged the proceedings. The Speaker adjourned the House till Monday and said vote of confidence will be completed on that day. Everyone has agreed to this, including the CM. They don’t have majority and are not allowing others to form the government. The SC has said nobody can compel the 15 MLAs in Mumbai to attend the session. With this their number is 98 and we are 106, including one independent MLA. Let us see what happens on Monday. I am confident that Monday will be the last day of this government.’

BJP Karnataka also tweeted that the people of Karnataka will not forgive the coalition government for wasting taxpayers’ money.

8:27 PM IST

‘Gross injustice’, says Karnataka BJP state President BS Yeddyurappa

BJP lawmakers says that the second deadline set by the Governor has not been respected. Coalition members jubilant after listening to the Speaker’s decision. Assembly adjourned till Monday.

8:22 PM IST

Speaker postpones trust motion until Monday

Speaker KR Ramesh says he cannot sit any more. BJP leaders protest against Speaker’s order. Speaker says,’Will end this on Monday with vote.’

8:20 PM IST

Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar appeals to Siddaramaiah to cooperate

Krishna Byre Gowda appeals to the Speaker to postpone proceedings until Monday.

8:16 PM IST

Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar back in his Chair

BS Yeddyurappa had demanded the Deputy Speaker request the Speaker to announce his decision.

8:08 PM IST

‘Several first time MLAs are upset with the developments’: Nanje Gowda (Congress)

The Malur MLA said, ‘The Kumaraswamy Government has waived farmers loans and built roads. Allow us to continue’. Din ensues in the Assembly. Coalition MLAs ask for postponement.

8:00 PM IST

Former CM Jagdish Shettar (BJP) asks the Speaker to announce his decision

Krishna B. Gowda (INC) asks the lawmakers to let the next speaker speak, while they wait for the Legislative Assembly Speaker’s arrival.

7:57 PM IST

BS Yeddyurappa, Karnataka BJP state president, stands up to speak

Ruckus takes over the House, but BS Yeddyurappa stresses that he is ready to sit peacefully and listen while asking every one at the same time to respect the letter sent by the Governor.

7:51 PM IST

‘Bad friendship forged by the CM is impacting all of us today’: Congress Narayana Rao

The Basvakalyan lawmaker hints at the alliance the BJP-JD(S) formed in 2006.

7:43 PM IST

‘There are hundreds in BJP waiting to back-stab Yeddyurappa’: Narayana Rao (Congress)

The Congress MLA from Basvakalyan says that any leader, be it DK Shivakumar, or Yeddyurappa, cannot face hundred elections. He appeals to all the legislators, saying, “Don’t become a laughing stock in the eyes of voters.”

7:36 PM IST

‘Appeal to PM, Home Minister to produce our 15 MLAs’: Narayan Rao (Congress)

The Basvakalyan MLA also said that BJP has to realise that they cannot get a sweet tasting fruit if they plant a bad seed, quoting 12th century philosopher Basavanna. He also appeals political leaders to surround themselves with good people.

He also asks MLAs to not insult the state by going to other states which gives out an impression that they are for sale.

7:32 PM IST

Deputy Speaker asks MLAs to go back to their seats

BJP leader Suresh Kumar asks if the ongoing ruckus is premeditated. Basvakalyan MLA Rao (Congress) begins to speak.

7:27 PM IST

Deputy Speaker M Krishna Reddy in the chair

The Deputy Speaker says the discussions will continue amidst the ruckus, as several coalition MLAs protest asking the House to be postponed until Monday. He asks Congress’ Narayana Rao to speak.

7:20 PM IST

‘Come back, we’ll sit , sort out and work together’: Hebbalkar to rebel MLAs

The Belgaum MLA also said, ‘Even if the opposition come to power, you’ll not last for 6 months. People who have betrayed their own parties, how can they stay loyal to you?’

She also said, ‘ Today people make fun of us saying Kar ‘nataka’. As a woman, want to say that the developments of the recent past has embrassed all of us.’

7:15 PM IST

‘PM said that 40 MLAs are in touch with him in Bengal’: L Hebbalkar(Cong)

She says that BS Yeddyurappa has forgotten how he and Sriramulu swore to finish the BJP and built separate parties.

7:08 PM IST

Priyank Kharge (Congress) quotes the Sarkaria Commission report

He quotes the part of the report that cites the reasonable time period is 60 days.

7:01 PM IST

‘Let it take however long it is going to take’: Yeddyurappa to Speaker

The BJP state president said, ‘We respect you, speaker sir. The Governor’s last letter said that the vote should finish today. Today will go on till 12 am. I appeal to you, people on our side will sit peacefully till late in the night. Let it take however long and it will also mean that we can respect the Governor’s direction.’

6:52 PM IST

‘Start voting only after the CM has spoken. Let’s finish this on Monday’: Former CM Siddaramaiah

Former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah said to the Speaker that the MLAs have the right to speak and even though the governor and the BJP want it finished today, no one can infringe on the rights of the members. He said that he too would want the vote to happen today but asked the Speaker if they could do it on Monday.

6:44 PM IST

‘I reiterate that it needs to end today’: Speaker KR Ramesh

He asks the lawmakers who all are going to speak and how much time they will take.

Home Minister MB Patil raised the issue of MLA Shrimanth Patil. he said, ‘The police have taken a statement from his family and they have said he has gone voluntarily. Our police team that went to the hospital weren’t allowed to enter and the MLA also did not wish to meet them.’

6:35 PM IST

‘They’re in captivity’: DK Shivakumar to Speaker on MLAs in Mumbai resort

Speaker KR Ramesh replies to DK Shivakumar, ‘I will not take this into cognisance.’

6:32 PM IST

‘No MLA has sent a letter seeking protection’: Speaker

Speaker KR Ramesh said, ‘I don’t know if they’ve written to the government. If they have informed any member that they have stayed away from the house for security reasons then they are misleading people for their reasons.’

6:24 PM IST

‘MLAs claimed that they have gone to Mumbai due to security problems’: Congress HK Patil

HK Patil requests that a senior official from the administration must go meet them.

BJP lawmaker JC Madhuswamy says such matters do not concern the House. Ruckus among the MLAs in the House.

6:20 PM IST

‘Come to a consensus within 7:30’: Speaker KR Ramesh to lawmakers

Speaker KR Ramesh sets a deadline for the lawmakers.

6:16 PM IST

‘Please reconvene on Monday and let’s finish it then’: CM HD Kumaraswamy

Congress MLA MB Patil tells the Speaker that former PM Vajpayee’s floor test lasted 9 days.

Eshwara Khandre, Cong MLA said that the whole world is watching how Operation Lotus is unfolding itself. He reiterates the need for discussion over the matter.

6:12 PM IST

‘No, I have to face the world too’: Speaker KR Ramesh

Speaker KR Ramesh says, ‘Don’t embarrass me. Please let me know how many people will speak and how long it will take.’

BJP’s Suresh Kumar says that the trust vote need not be discussed like the Budget, and it should not stretch for 4-5 days.

5:32 PM IST

Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy moves the Supreme Court

HDK has challenged the letter sent by the Governor Vajubhai Vala to him yesterday, which had asked the CM to conduct the trust vote by 1:30 PM today.

5:24 PM IST

‘If an MLA is being kidnapped where are we headed?’: JD(S)’ S Gowda

JD(S)’s Shivalinge Gowda questions, ‘This new strategy of getting MLAs to resign to subvert the anti defection law was begun during the Yeddyurappa government. Will such a government be one that enjoys the people’s mandate?’

5:05 pm IST

‘We must not disrespect dacoits. They are honorable people,’: Speaker

‘We must not make aspersions against the governor. When Vajpayee went for floor test it lasted 10 days. But here we have to finish within a time limit. What’s the hurry? There’s a fear that the MLAs might come back and support the government, and thwart their seventh “operation”, as their resignations have not been accepted yet.

We are viewed worse than dacoits,’ says JD(S) Shivalinge Gowda. To this the speaker responds, ‘We must not disrespect dacoits. They are honorable people.’

5:00 pm IST

‘The second love letter from the Governor has hurt me,’: H. D. Kumaraswamy

‘I have respect for the governor. But the second love letter from the Governor has hurt me. He only came to know about horse trading 10 days ago,’ says H. D. Kumaraswamy

Independent MLAs, hands over photos of Yeddyurappa’s secretary Santosh boarding a plane with H Nagesh.

4:44 pm IST

‘The whole world is watching’: JD(S) Shivalinge Gowda

‘The whole world is watching. Confidence motion can be moved by the chief minister or 10 MLAs from the opposition can send a letter expressing no confidence.

Even now the coalition hasn’t lost the majority, till such time that the Speaker accepts or rejects the resignations.’ says JD(S) Shivalinge Gowda

4:35 pm IST

‘Request you to protect me from Governor’s letter,’: H. D. Kumaraswamy to speaker

‘I request you to protect me from the letter sent by the Governor.

They didn’t let me work, they tried to destabilise this government six times and are dreaming this seventh attempt will succeed in either allowing them to come to power or to impose suspended animation.’: H. D. Kumaraswamy to speaker

4: 30 pm IST

‘I leave the decision on the floor test to you. It will not directed by Delhi,’: H. D. Kumaraswamy

‘It was the governor who ordered zero traffic for the MLAs. The governor decided to award the MLAs for the “great work” they did.

I leave the decision on the floor test to you. It will not directed by Delhi,’ says H. D. Kumaraswamy

4:15 pm IST

‘Yeddyurappa has said there has been loot under the IMA scam, that I have looted the state,’: chief minister H. D. Kumaraswamy

‘What has hurt me is that the Governor has sent me a second letter. The issue here is that Yeddyurappa has said there has been loot under the IMA scam, that I have looted the state. That I take 20% Commission and I have drawn hundhreds of crores from the exchequer,’: chief minister H. D. Kumaraswamy

4:00 pm IST

‘I’m not attached to this seat,’: chief minister H. D. Kumaraswamy

‘I’m not attached to this seat. If I was so desperate to save this government I’d have returned from the USA when Anand Singh resigned [on July 1]. I decided to wait and abide by my commitments. Many people warned about conspiracies and advised me not to go to the USA,’ says chief minister H. D. Kumaraswamy

3:55 pm IST

‘Haven’t yet finished my preliminary submission,’: chief minister H. D. Kumaraswamy

‘I have spoken about many things. Our opposition leader says we didn’t address drought and loan waiver was not done properly.

When these incidents began, Yeddyurappa has said that I have failed but he must explain where. Please explain,’ says chief minister H. D. Kumaraswamy.

3:42 pm IST

‘We are not against the vote. But let there be discussion on this,’: Dinesh Gundu Rao

‘We are not against the vote. But let there be discussion on this. I don’t understand the hurry.

Srinivas Gowda has made such allegations but what sort of opposition is this? They don’t defend themselves so they agree that they were involved,’ says Dinesh Gundu Rao. To this the speaker responds that the BJP leaders won’t get provoked no matter how hard he tries.

3:32 pm IST

Left wooing MLAs with Rs 30 crore to BJP: Krishna Byre Gowda

Congress MLA told the Assembly that the ruling coalition is playing the role of a democratic institution. “We’ve left the part of wooing MLAs with Rs 30 crore to the BJP,” Gowda told the Assembly.

3:30 pm IST

Fresh deadline of 6 pm issued to Cong-JD(S) for proving majority

Governor Vajubhai Vala has issued a fresh deadline again to the ruling coalition of Congress and JD(S) asking them to prove majority by today 6 pm. The deadline has been issued via a letter to CM HD Kumaraswamy which reads, “When the allegations of horse-trading are widely made and I am receiving many such complaints, it is constitutionally imperative that the Floor Test be completed without any delay and today itself.”

3:25 pm IST

Karnataka Cong President Dinesh Gundu Rao moves SC, seeks intervention

Karnataka Congress President Dinesh Gundu Rao has moved to the Supreme Court claiming that the order issued on Wednesday cannot compel the 15 MLAs to attend Assembly as it violates the party’s right to issue whip to its MLAs.

3:07 pm IST

Yeddyurappa rejects Cong charge that rebel MLAs paid for support

BS Yeddyurappa demanded that JDS leader and minister Sa Ra Mahesh should apologise for claiming that a MLA took money to go to Mumbai. It is not right to raise such serious allegations without any proof, Yeddyurappa, who has been the BJP’s presumptive chief minister, said. The senior BJP leader also threatened to move a privilege motion against Srinivas Gowda who claimed in the assembly that BJP leaders came and offered Rs 5 crore to him.

3:00 pm IST

Karnataka Assembly resumes

The house resumed at 3 pm after missing the 1:30 pm deadline set by Governor for the ruling coalition to prove majority.

2:48 pm IST

BJP has made payments, wants to assume power, charges Siddaramaiah

 Accusing BJP of facing tremendous pressure, Congress leader and former chief minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah has said, “They consider this as a form of trade business. Now that they have made their payments to few, they want to assume power as they wish. But that is not how our Parliamentary democracy works!!”

2:37 pm IST

Governor sends a report to the Centre

Karnataka’s governor Vajubhai Vala has sent a report to Centre as CM misses trust vote deadline set at 1:30 pm for today.

2:12 pm IST

Karnataka police records Shrimant Patil’s statement in Mumbai

Acting on Karnataka assembly speakers orders, Karnataka police officials on Friday reached Mumbai to record the statement of Congress legislator Shrimant Balasaheb Patil. Patil who arrived in Mumbai on bus on Thursday was admitted to St George Hospital in South Mumbai due to hypertension. The Karnataka Police were initially denied permission by the Mumbai Police to meet Patil. After this they approached Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Barve who permitted them to meet Patil. They met Patil and took his statement. The Police had come as Congress Minister D K Shivakumar had raised the issue in the assembly that Patil was kidnapped. Acting on this the speaker instructed the Police to investigate the case.

2:09 pm IST

Discussion likely to continue on Monday: Siddaramaiah

Congress leader Siddaramaiah has said that the discussion in Karnataka Assembly is still not complete and 20 members are yet to participate. “I don’t think it will finish today and it will continue on Monday also,” he told ANI.

1:38 pm IST

House adjourned till 3 pm

The house has been adjourned till 3 pm today. Even as there’s din in the house as BJP presses for division and coalition for discussion, the voting for the floor test has been delayed by the Speaker till the time debate is summarised.

1:30 pm IST

Deadline for governor direction ends

Deadline for governor direction ends amid uproar in the Karnataka Assembly. With demands for division raised by Opposition leaders BS Yeddyurappa and JC Madhuswamy, the Speaker has said that unless discussion is complete, the Opposition cannot press for division.The speaker has said that whether or not the Governor’s order has to be followed, “it has to be decided by Chief Minister because the letter was sent to him, so he has to decide.”

1:12 pm IST

In greed for power you’re leaving no constitutional institution intact: Byregowda

Accusing misuse of government institutions, Krishna Byregowda said, “Many efforts are being made to subvert democracy. Did we lack the foresight to see that schedule 10 would be discussed? Even when there is such a Constitution bench order, aren’t they misusing constitutional institutions? When such things happen, the people are watching, will people not suspect that there is a conspiracy? In your greed for power you are leaving no constitutional institution intact.”

12:59 pm IST

“Guv gave BJP 15 days but gives us only 15 hours to prove majority, smacks of conspiracy”

“In May 2018, the Governor gave the BJP 15 days to prove majority but we’re given 15 hours. If this doesn’t smack of conspiracy what does?” Byregowda alleged amid chants of governor go back, down down governor in the House.

12:55 pm IST

Speaker reads missing Congress MLA’s email in Assembly

Speaker Kumar has said that he has received an email from the missing Congress MLA Shrimanth Patil. “He has said that I had to leave for Chennai from the resort in which I was staying with other Congress MLAs. At that time I felt uneasy and had to be moved to a hospital in Mumbai to consult my family doctor. I will not be able to write in the proper format because of the Emergency. I have not been kidnapped by any BJP MLA and I will not be able to attend the rest of this session,” Kumar said, reading out Patil’s email.

12:42 pm IST

Speaker should decide if Guv can direct on a matter already in the house: Kumaraswamy

Citing a case from Arunanchal Pradesh, Kumaraswamy said, “In the Arunachal Pradesh case, a Constitution bench went through a similar matter. Justice Khehar said that the Governor was given discretion by the Government of India Act, 1935. This was changed while framing the Constitution.” “You, speaker sir, must decide if the governor has such powers to direct us on a matter that is already in the house,” Kumaraswamy said.

12:38 pm IST

Kumaraswamy launches attack on Guv, says have been asked to finish by 1:30 pm

Chief Minister Kumaraswamy has told the Assembly that he received a letter from the Governor, listing the developments of the past two weeks, they MLAs who resigned, the independents who withdrew support. “He suggested that I should seek mandate of MLAs by 1.30 pm. Today the matter of some MLAs in the Supreme Court, it said that the competing claims have to balanced. The Supreme Court has said speaker shouldn’t be fettered.”

12: 31 pm IST

Person who can pressure me hasn’t been born yet: Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar

After Congress MLA requested the speaker to not fall under pressure and to “please allow a full debate”, speaker KR Ramesh Kumar told the Assembly, “There is no question of that. Such a person, who can pressure me, hasn’t been born yet.”

12:29 pm IST

“BJP hasn’t moved privilege motion, proving the allegations to be true”

Bringing the Assembly’s focal on allegations of buying MLAs, Congress MLA Krishna Byregowda said, “If what Srinivas Gowda said was false the BJP should have moved a privilege motion. Since they haven’t it proves the allegations to be true. This is not an allegation made on the streets, it is a statement made in the House.”

12:28 pm IST

Sa Ra Mahesh indicates at a possible split in the coalition

Indicating a possible fissure in the coalition, Sa Ra Mahesh alleged that he wasn’t given a better portfolio on the instructions of Kumaraswamy’s brother. “While I am thankful to CM for giving me the transport ministry, Revanna didn’t allow a better portfolio to be given to me,” Mahesh alleged.

12:25 pm IST

“Need to know at what rate our former state president has been sold off at”

Raking the case of AH Vishwanath, Sa Ra Mahesh from the cabinet said, “There was a former state president of our party. He said the opposition is desperate to come to power but it is not correct that they should use dubious means.I asked him if he wanted to become a minister because he raised objections against me.”

However, the former state president told me he had Rs 28 crore loans because of the elections and asked me to pay it off. “I told him that I’d send him money to pay back his loans. I called him from USA where I was on a trip. I said its the 5th of the month let me know where to send the money,” Mahesh said in the Assembly. “

“Who gave this person money to arrange a special flight? My appeal is that he should be brought here, we need to know for what rate he has been sold,” he said.

12:20 pm IST

Let the entire political system be cleaned: DK Shivakumar tells speaker

Bringing the focus back on allegations of buying out MLAs, Senior Congress leader DK Shivakumar tells the speaker, “We understand your pain, dear Speaker. However, Srinivas Gowda has made a shocking revelation, allegations about MLAs sitting in this house. Let the entire political system be cleaned.”

12:19 pm IST

You’re out to kill those who live respectfully for your greed: Speaker on allegations

Reacting to the allegations against him, the speaker said, “Let everything be recorded. I’m sitting on fire. I haven’t even allowed the government to put a board outside my House. You are out to kill those who live respectfully for your greed, lust and transactional politics. Let everything come out let the people decide. I want the people to know everything, let everybody be naked before the people.”

12:18 pm IST

‘If BJP is silent, that means they accept the allegations’

Backing JD(S) MLA Gowda’s charges, Congress MLA Krishna Byregowda said, “If the BJP is silent that means they accept the allegations.”

12:15 pm IST

Was given Rs 5 crore by BJP, alleges JD(S)’s Srinivas Gowda

JD(S) MLA Srinivas Gowda, member of the coalition government, has alleged that BJP MLA Ashwathnarayanaa, SR Vishwanath and former MLA CP Yogeshwar came to his house and gave him Rs 5 crore. “They told me they’d give me Rs 30 crore if I switched,” he further alleged.

12:09 pm IST

Your efforts to kill democracy known to all: Kumaraswamy attacks BJP in Assembly

Levelling a sharp attack, chief minister Kumaraswamy said, “The effect of your efforts to kill democracy is known to all. So many phone calls were made. Rs 40 crore... 50 crore... How many instances do you need.”

12:07 pm IST

“MLAs will have to come back, how long will they stay in Mumbai”

Alleging that the BJP has made a hotel it’s own to keep MLAs, Kumaraswamy said, “They’ve kept a whole group of bouncers but those MLAs have to come back. How many days will they stay in Mumbai?”

Referring to BJP, Kumaraswamy said, “They keep claiming that they don’t know anything.”
Quoting BJP, the CM added, ‘only if the MLAs resign and come we will welcome them’. “How many photos do you need? Chartered flights have become more plentiful than auto rickshaw keep flying to Mumbai and Pune,” Kumaraswamy said in the Assembly as the ruling coalition stares at trust vote at 1:30 pm today.

12:05 pm IST

Please take the MLAs and form your government: Kumaraswamy

Kumaraswamy has also reminded the BJP MLAs in the Karnataka Assembly that between 2008 and 2013, they had three chief ministers and had mastered how to subvert Schedule 10. “In 1999, when Vajpayee sought trust it went on for 10 days. But there is tremendous haste today. We know how they MLAs resigned, please take them and form your government,” the chief minister said as the deadline for trust vote neared.

12:00 pm IST

Not naive to think we can save govt through magic: Kumaraswamy

Bringing up the conversations surrounding his brother, Kumaraswamy said, “Yes he goes to temples but we are not naive to think we can save this government through magic. Yes, we believe in God, we are pious but remember finally you will stand judgement.”

11:52 am IST

Will see how long will you last here after all this effort: Kumaraswamy challenges BJP

“I’m still asking God why he made me chief minister at such a time under such circumstances. This is all about fate. I’ll see how long you (BJP) will last here after this effort you’ve put into coming to power,” chief minister Kumaraswamy said, targeting BJP in his speech before trust vote.

11:52 am IST

I am a child of fortune: CM Kumaraswamy

“I had got an offer from somebody, and I was approached by Congress leaders. I didn’t go to them. If I wanted to hold on to the chair I’d have done so long ago. I have said many times that I’m a child of fortune. This seat isn’t important, but the future generations... Did our freedom fighters give us democracy to allow such activities?” CM Kumaraswamy said in the Assembly, with just one and half hour to go for the trust vote.

11:45 am IST

Will not plead with anybody for CM’s post like Yedyurappa: Kumaraswamy

Taking a dig at BJP’s Yeddyurappa, Kumaraswamy said, “In 2009, there were floods in northern Karnataka. At that time we saw how people in the BJP spoke about Yeddyurappa, how many people went to resorts. What they experienced then, I am experiencing now.”

“Back then Yeddyurappa (who was CM) had pleaded with the BJP with folded hands saying he would change himself and to not remove him from the post. I will not plead with anybody for this post,” Kumaraswamy said in the Karnataka Assembly.

11:34 am IST

BJP tried to topple our govt from day one: Kumaraswamy

Addressing the Karnataka Assembly ahead of the deadline for floor test, CM Kumaraswamy said, “Since this government was formed, the BJP kept claiming that this government was unstable. From day one they tried to topple it.” “The question isn’t if Kumaraswamy will be chief minister or Yeddyurappa. If there is no change in the country we will be consigned to history,” the chief minister said.

11:31 am IST

BJP approached me in 2004 for CM post: HD Kumaraswamy

Addressing the house, chief minister HD Kumaraswamy said, “We formed a coalition with the BJP. Back in 2004, we won 59 seats under Siddaramaiah. However, due to some ideological differences he fell out with Deve Gowda. At that time the BJP approached me to become the chief minister.”

11:30 am IST

Kumaraswamy will make his farewell speech on Friday: Yeddyurappa

BJP’ s Karnataka chief B S Yeddyurappa has charged at Congress and said that chief minister HD Kumaraswamy will make his farewell speech today, when the coalition government in the state faces a decisive floor test. “Mostly today will be the end of Congress-JDS government’s misrule... the Chief Minister will make his farewell speech today, we will patiently hear it,” Yeddyurappa said.

11:23 am IST

Have enough strength to take non partisan decisions: K’taka Assembly Speaker

Defending himself from the slurs coming his way, Karnataka Assembly speaker KR Ramesh Kumar said, “Many people have spoken many things about me and I’ve seen this. I am here only to ensure that we enter the pages of history.” Kumar added that it is unfortunate that such statements are being made. “It is easy to assassinate the character of a person, but those indulging in this should look at themselves, look over their shoulders before making such statements,” the speaker told the MLAs in Assembly.

11:05 am IST

Karnataka CM to move SC for stay on floor test

Facing a crucial floor test, Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy will move the Supreme Court for a stay on Governor Vajubhai Vala’s order to prove majority in the Assembly by 1.30 p.m. on Friday, said an official.

“The Chief Minister’s counsel will move the Supreme Court on Friday for a stay on the Governor’s Thursday’s order asking him to prove majority by 1.30 p.m.,” ruling JD-S spokesman Ramesh Babu said.

10:25 am IST

Deputy CM arranges food for BJP MLAs on overnight protest

Extending humanitarian assistance to the BJP MLAs sitting on an overnight protest in the Vidhana Soudha, Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara on Friday met the leaders and arranged food for them.

“They were on an overnight protest in Vidhana Soudha. It is our duty to arrange food and other things for them. Some of them have diabetes and blood pressure conditions. So, we have arranged everything for them here. Beyond politics we’re friends, it is the beauty of democracy,” Parameshwara said.

10:17 am IST

I think Congress will move to SC: Congress MP

“I think the Congress party will go to Supreme Court because Governor cannot interfere in the matter of Speaker, he has no right to do it. Governor is arbitrarily interfering and trying to work as agent of a party,” Nasir Hussain, Karnataka Congress MP

8:06 am IST

BJP legislators seen on morning walk after overnight dharna

Karnataka BJP legislators were seen leaving Vidhana Soudha today morning for a walk after spending the night on ‘dharna’ at Vidhana Soudha demanding floor test.