Connecting with the Angels!

Updated on Apr 21, 2004 05:02 PM IST

Sounds like fantasy, doesn't it? But today I propose to show you how you can make this connection a reality.

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PTI | ByVeena Minocha

Sounds like fantasy, doesn't it? But today I propose to show you how you can make this connection an inalienable reality. For aeons we have considered this connection with the angels, or devtas, (as we in India are familiar with), to be some sort of a distant thing, absolutely out of our physical reach, for 'they' are in their own world, and we in our physical dimension, with a huge curtain, impenetrably looming between us!

This separation has been felt so intensely, that most of us have never even thought of connecting with the other side of this curtain. I say to you, dear ones, let us do it now!

Today, the angels and devtas, of the heavenly realms have planned to consciously allow this connection, for all humans who wish it from their hearts.

It is as simple as that, 'wish it' from the bottom of your heart, to start the activation!
The angels have now planned to extend the force of their love energies, through the curtain, into the hearts of all Lightworkers!

They are expecting that you will be able to feel them. And I tell you with strong conviction, only those of you who have chosen to be Lightworkers will actually begin to feel them. They are literally penetrating the veils. They are extending their loving essence into your vibration in hopes that you will raise your vibration to match theirs. It is for 'you' to energize your love potential, so that you can tune into their love energies, and merge into the powers that they can activate within you!

The angelic world is literally preparing to bridge the gap between you and them. The moment we let go of the fact that we are human, and they are Divine, we open ourselves to receiving the celestial  music of the angels. The moment we open our hearts and lovingly call out to them to come into our hearts, we will feel the warmth of their energies seep into the core of our beings, and our heartstrings will strum in tandem with their angelic love!

They embody God's love and energy, and are waiting for the magic 'yes' from you, to share it with you. Each and every part of you is a particle of light. You are made of the same light that the angelic world is. The only difference is that you have chosen to separate yourselves through human limitations. You have confined yourselves in a physical space of a body so that you may show your Creator your desire to create for It on this dimensional plane.

Close your eyes, softly, and visualize yourself as a being of only love vibration. You have no body, no physical cares and worries, and are floating and flying like an angel.

For a moment, try to let go of the fact that you are human, join in with their vibration, and you will become all light, all colour, and all heavenly visions, for you have now cut yourself from the ties that have bound you to the Earth. Enfold yourself with angelic light, so much so that that you become a part of that Light, free floating and infinitely light in weight. The beautiful angelic realm is now yours to play around in, and become a Creator with them.

Hold this feeling as long as you can, my friends.

You have just become what God has always wanted for you, an angelic Being of Love and Light, creating your life in the NOW!

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