Desi Ebook Readers in India

India it seems no longer likes to wait. Amazon, Apple and the rest of the gang be damned if they don't seem to care about India. Read more for some of the options of Desi Ebook Readers with a library etc just the way Amazon and Apple for the Indian reader. Puneet Mehrotra writes.

india Updated: Oct 23, 2010 17:43 IST

The world's biggest software companies Microsoft and Google probably consider India at least in tier 2 in priority list of countries for product launches, unfortunately in terms of hardware none of the world technology giants consider India anywhere when it comes to product launches. Even when they come they come with outdated products. Its almost as if Apple is doing a favor for the Indian consumer by being here or Amazon' Kindle is the biggest blessing for India. Notorious amongst these are Apple, Amazon and more. Steve Jobs may prefer Indian spirituality to the Indian consumer, and that is a choice which he may have made, losing out millions of dollars as revenue. India it seems no longer likes to wait. Amazon, Apple and the rest of the gang be damned if they don't seem to care about India. Presenting below are some of the options for the Indian reader. There are Samsung, Sony, Asus and many more but presenting here are the ones with come with a library etc just the way Amazon and Apple are with the paraphernalia and not just the hardware.

Wink eReader
The Wink eReader from the comes with a storehouse of 2,01,928 titles with additional titles being added every month. Priced at around Rs.11,000 it has a 6 inch screen , USB, a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels and more.

For readers here is the interesting part. They have something called a Signtaure Special. It has an ePublishing enterprise attached to it which has come out with a whole series of Signature Literature called Wink Specials. This gives the reader their favourite classics - Wink Classics - on the reader with great value additions like Trivia, Critical Responses and Quizzes about the book

To get ebooks from Wink all you need to do is select the WinkStore app on your Wink, and browse through an online library. The approximate time for each search is 0.06 seconds on the Wink. The Wink has great battery power that enables viewing of 10000 pages or listening to 10 hours of music on a single charge. The Wink supports content in upto to 15 Indian languages. So to read the latest Indian language bestsellers electronically.
Talking about content. Consider the following book The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for just Rs.129 or a Pride and Predjudice for Rs.29 isn't really a bad deal. In fact its probably the best deal in the world!

Infibeam Pi
Pi is an Indian discovery anyways. This time Pi is the ebook reader from Infibeam. Available on Pi is less than 10mm thick and lightweight at 180 gm, its lighter than a magazine. You'll never go back to reading paperbacks they say. Infibeam is has a library of over 1 lac ebooks and growing. Thgey carry all the the bestsellers and new releases from the digital world. Buy an eBook from Infibeam's eBook store, download it to your Pi and start reading within seconds. Pi also lets you read your favorite texts in Hindi, Sanskrit and most official Indian languages.

Priced at Rs.9999 Pi can store upto 500 ebooks in its internal storage. For the more voracious readers just add a SD card. A 4GB SD card will store upto 3000 books so that you will never miss your library. With the powerful battery you can read on for days before recharging

The Last Word
Two months ago the HRD Minister showcased an almost ipad clone costing Rs.1500 developed in India for the Indian students for consumption of educational content. Its probably the biggest innovation ever in the history of computing in terms of cost and output. Its time India takes a lead in innovation. The bosses at Amazon, Apple and other such companies need to visit India and see India isn't only about snake charmers, kamasutra and yes the great Indian rope trick.

Puneet Mehrotra writes on tecnology

First Published: Oct 23, 2010 17:33 IST