Dolly dies, rests in museum
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Dolly dies, rests in museum

The sheep, which became famous as the world's first cloned mammal, has been put on permanent display at Scotland's Royal Museum. Dolly died from a lung tumour in February at the age of six.

india Updated: Apr 14, 2003 15:43 IST

Dolly the sheep, which gained worldwide fame as the world's first mammal cloned from an adult cell, went to her final resting place on Wednesday - in a museum.

Dolly, who passed away on Valentines Day at the age of six, went on permanent display at the Royal Museum in Scotland's capital Edinburgh, mounted on a straw-covered plinth.

She was donated to the National Museums of Scotland by the Roslin Institute, the Edinburgh research centre where she was created, after her death.

The birth of Dolly, on July 5, 1996, was heralded as a scientific landmark -- and triggered heated discussions about the ethics of cloning.

Cloned from an ewe's mammary gland, she had been named after busty US country singer Dolly Parton.

Ian Wilmot, who led the Roslin team which cloned her, said his pride at seeing her on display was tinged with sadness at her death from a lung tumour.

"It's not so many weeks ago since she was alive and in the barn, but we're very proud that's she in here," he said.

"She will go on reminding people of the fact that scientific progress was made in Edinburgh which is making people think very differently about this aspect of biology."

Dolly's skin was pickled and tanned to preserve it before being stretched over a fiberglass mould of her body, into which glass eyes were inserted.

Gordon Rintoul, director of the National Museums of Scotland, said he was "grateful" to the Roslin Institute for its gift.

"Dolly is a striking reminder of Scotland's record of scientific achievement and her contribution can now be recognised for many centuries to come," he said.

"She will prove an important focus for future new science displays in the Royal Museum."

Dolly will initially be on display in the museum's Science Zone, one of the venues for the Edinburgh Science Festival, which is to be launched Thursday by Scotland's First Minister Jack McConnell.

She will be transferred to the Museum of Scottish Life in East Kilbride, south of Glasgow, in July, but will return to Edinburgh as a permanent exhibit in the museum in September.

The Edinburgh Science Festival features more than 100 events and runs until April 22.

First Published: Apr 14, 2003 15:43 IST