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Fashionably fruity

Youngsters are not only adding fruity colours to their wardrobes but also fruits to their salads, notes Debjeet Kundu.
Hindustan Times | By Debjeet Kundu, Mumbai
UPDATED ON JUN 03, 2008 07:42 PM IST

Of late an inevitable connection has been established between two different genres, one being an edible natural product unaltered by human notions - the fruit, and the other being fashion - a constantly evolving process.

Fashion conscious youngsters are not only adding fruity colours to their wardrobes but also fruits to their salads, aping the diet of the high profile fashion industry.

Choose your juice
Young fitness freaks are going gaga over fresh fruit juices without realising the calorie content in them.

Mithila Tewari, a student who loves sipping a bananamango-orange blend after a workout says that it is perfect for summers. Little does the lady know that blends and over processed juices are high in calories and less on ascorbic acid - a vital need for the body Krishna Dutta, a teacher says that her breakfast is incomplete without a glass of orange juice.

"No wonder even the models go for it," she says, hinting a complete juxtaposition between nutrition and fashion.

Switching over from a regular lunch to a fruit salad is a new mantra. "It must have bananas, papayas, raspberries and kiwis - helps you stay cool and checks your diet," believes Neha, a teenager. "It even sounds posh when ordered in a restaurant."

Fun with outfits
When it comes to clothes, fruits are everywhere. Hot orange, pinks. lime green stand out among a crowd of black corporate suits.

A colourful array of pineapple topped shirts and kiwi print pants display a holiday mood and a casual look. "They are refreshing for kids," comments Rita Bhadra, a mother.

"Lime green and cherry prints make you look girlish and funky at the same time," she adds Even analysts believe that workaholics gravitate towards mood boosting ‘juicy' colours to ease off tension and fatigue. Looks like fruits have a long way to go!

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