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How Anand Jon lured young girls into sex!

The Indian designer in Britain cultivated his celebrity image by making sure that an entourage followed him wherever he went.
ANI | By HT Correspondent, London
UPDATED ON MAR 22, 2007 02:43 PM IST

Indian born designer Anand Jon, who is currently behind bars on multiple charges of sexual assault, cultivated his celeb image by making sure that an entourage followed him wherever he went.

A source close to the designer said that Jon led a his ‘life like a cult’, with his associates clinging on to him, and that he was always accompanied by a photographer, his sister, who assisted him, and his publicist.

“He runs his life like a cult. He has four people following him around at all times, including a publicist, a photographer, and his assistant, who is his sister,” The New York Post quoted the source, as saying.

The source added that the 33-year-old, who was arrested on March 13, was often seen with girls seemingly 18 years of age.

"He always had young girls around. They may have been over 18, but they didn't look it,” the source added.

Chris Hulbert, one of Jon’s former publicists revealed that his former client had made advances to his 19-year-old date asking her to have sex with him.

"He put his hand around her neck and said 'You have a very comfortable neck, would you like to have sex with me?' She was really creeped out,” he said.

A source said that the designer, who dressed up celebs like Paula Abdul and Paris Hilton, used to lure girls by telling them he will make them famous, but never fulfilled his claims.

“He will tell girls, 'I can take you places,' and the girls see the photographers following him around, and they would believe him because he was friends with Paris. But they were totally duped,” a source said.

A former friend said that New York-based Jon loved to flaunt his press clippings to people in parties that he attended.

"He would carry around a press book with all his clippings and show it to people at parties,” the friend said.

However, Ronald Richards, Jon’s lawyer said that it is not unusual for a celebrity to self promote.

"All up-and-coming celebrities try to promote themselves. It's not inconsistent with other young up-and-coming celebs to self-promote,” Richards said.

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