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Meditation: A balancing act

Meditation frees us from tenacious and persistent preoccupation with the past as well as the future.

india Updated: Aug 26, 2006 16:21 IST

The concept of meditation is as old as civilisation. Saints and seers have taken refuge in solitude and meditation to get peace of mind. Meditation frees us from tenacious and persistent preoccupation with the past as well as the future and its benefits are provedfar-reaching and profound.

Some of the interesting findings about meditation are that it actually helps in promoting the development of cortical matter in the brain and strikes a fine balance between action and restraintn effort and effortlesness.

It is said to elevate you to the higher plane where you are connected to your inner voice. In terms of how it works, meditation takes away attention from the periphery of your consciousness into the centre.

The brain has two centres that are relevant to understand the effects of meditation, the left frontal cortex and right frontal cortex. Meditation helps shift activity from the stress prone area (right frontal cortex) to a calmer area (left frontal cortex).

Importantly, meditation increases serotonin production, which results in reduction in anxiety. This means it filters out sorrows from the mind and renders the mind neutral. Meditation slows down breathing which aids relaxation. Since it slows down breathing, it makes you thoughtful, introspective, dynamic, peaceful and versatile. It allows you to penetrate the inner recesses of your mind where there is nothing but peace.

It does this by increasing brain wave coherence. Coherence is the state of synchrony between the waves generated in the different regions or hemispheres of the brain, which leads to reduced anxiety and greater creativity. Since meditation lowers oxygen consumption, it lowers stress.

A person then radiates joy and links positively with his surroundings, very much like how a beautiful flower is good and does good to the world around it by its sheer presence and the radiance of its blooming. Meditation is the missing link in your life. Beat the blues and embrace life with meditation.

It awaits like a mantra of healing to get you out of negativity into a realm of positivity and sunshine, achievement and energy.

First Published: Aug 14, 2006 14:54 IST