Mills turning McCartneys into cartoons

Heather Mills plans to get back at the McCartneys by basing a new cartoon series - The McFartneys - on them.

india Updated: Feb 19, 2007 21:25 IST

Heather Mills is reportedly planning to get back at estranged hubby Sir Paul McCartney and his children by basing a new cartoon series called The McFartneys on them.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the cartoon will see Macca parodied as a Homer Simpson-like character who does nothing but smoke pot and fart the whole day.

As for Macca’s kids, well, it seems that Mills is getting set to portray his son James as a son who hates his father and avoids him at all as much as possible.

Macca’s designer daughter Stella is portrayed as a spoilt brat, who turns to her father every time someone upsets her. She’s also shown as being jealous of her father’s new wife, and spends hours trying to undermine her.

Mary McCartney also comes in for much the same kind of treatment, for she’s portrayed as someone, who, though pretending to be really timid, is out to destroy her stepmother and is seen plotting behind her back.

A source revealed that Mills has been in touch with several TV companies in the US, and has been looking at the show reels of a number of animators.

"She has spoken to Sex and The City creator Darren Star and Hollywood director Dennis Erdman about which networks to approach and who may be interested in the series," the Sunday Mirror quoted the source, as saying.

"Her back-up, if no one will take it, is to produce it for the internet, because she knows that even if the networks are too afraid to go up against Paul, people will tune in to it. She's looking at the work of different animators. The companies she's been looking at don't know it's for her at the moment, or what the project is.

"The trouble she's already finding is that people are reluctant to be in a show which sends up a legend like Paul McCartney."

As for Mills’ character, well it seems that she’s portraying herself as a homemaker trying to fix the family's problems while juggling a career.

First Published: Feb 20, 2007 12:30 IST