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Much ado about muaah!

Why such a hue and cry over a lip-lock in public? After all, it is all about love and passion. Read on to know details. 'I can teach Emraan how to kiss'

india Updated: Dec 08, 2006 19:32 IST

Well, Indians sure have a lot of time and energy at their disposal to go as far as filing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against a kiss, which, by the way was carried out on the big screen.

The smooch in question is the Aishwarya Rai-Hrithik Roshan kiss in the film Dhoom 2. A Bihar-based lawyer filed a case of obscenity against the stars as "it hurt millions of families. It is immoral and promotes something alien to our culture," said Sudhir Kumar Ojha, a lawyer in the Muzaffarpur civil court who filed the PIL.

Bringing up India
We know exactly what is crossing your mind right now — Phew! For God's sake, would somebody tell all the self-appointed keepers of morality that it was not Hrithik Roshan kissing Aishwarya Rai but Aryan kissing Sunheri, the characters in the movie? Says Dr Bhawna Burmi, senior clinical psychologist, Escorts Heart Institute, “Indians suffer from mass hypnosis over films and film stars as they tend to take movies for real. That is why we have children attempting to play Superman or Spiderman.”

But that is about children, what about adults? Dr Burmi says that it can also be an attention-seeking exercise, as people tend to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame.

Sudhir Kumar Ojha will have to answer that. Or does he want to revert back to the days of two lilies, roses, dahlias or whatever necking and pecking each other?

Big deal
Why is a kiss such an issue in India — not only in reel life but also in real life? A hungama follows such a passionate display of affection — be it among couples or just friends. And to beat it all, moral police comes into picture every time two lips lock on the silver screen and the whole nation goes into a tizzy It also gives wannabe starlets their first break into pan-Indian recall club.

For instance, Mallika Sherawat, who overdid it in Khwahish with 17 kisses and became a household name. And of course Emraan Hashmi, the proud serial kisser.

Says adman/lyricist Prasoon Joshi, “I don't understand why people react this way A kiss is one of the cleanest ways of showing affection. And Yash Raj Films is known to handle such things aesthetically. Why don't people react to so many other things which are happening in the name of morality — sleazy shows on TV explicit, magazines and so much more?”

But aren't there more important issues like electricity water, security… which we Indians should be talking about? Why doesn't someone file a PIL on these issues?

The Guardian with Karan Johar

The controversy created by Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai's lip lock in Dhoom 2 refuses to die down, but is being dismissed by the film industry.

“I think it's so ridiculous,” director Karan Johar told The Guardian. “It's true what they say: idle minds make a great devil's workshop. These people have nothing better to do with their time so they pick on a big film with an all-star cast,” he said of the PIL filed against the film.

He insists the furore will only benefit the film. “The end result of all this will be to increase the box-office for Dhoom 2, which is fantastic,” Johar said. “Plus it's a really, really good kiss.”

First Published: Dec 07, 2006 17:38 IST