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Stairway to hi-society

Being a socialite goes far above and beyond a last name... it is a way of life, writes Jaydeep Ghosh.

india Updated: Jan 12, 2007 15:27 IST

In life there will always be the imponderables. It takes some levity, enterprise and a spirit of inquiry to ask the pre-eminent questions of existence. This week, we have decided to pander to the demands of the masses and answer that one question that bothers us all: What is a socialite?

For, if it was not a birth-right, would it cease to exist? Granted, luck and chromosomes play a major role in who gets cast with the golden spoon, but being a socialite goes far above and beyond a last name. It is a way of life.

A socialite is someone who lives by a certain rule: A ‘boldfaced name,’ a person indisputably bound to grace the pages of P3. And yes, the three Ps are very important — primping, pampering and partying.

A socialite only hangs with her fellow socialites, not because she’s a snob, nor is she insecure, but because socialites breed socialites — it’s a form of habit. A socialite would never work because she has to, but because it makes her more desirable.

Common jobs held: magazine editor (unlimited access to top designers closets), actress/host/ model, emcee or publicist (events, parties, premieres).

Some quick facts on socialites for beginners: lives on top of the food chain, is haute, urbane, anglicised and moneyed. Loves the shutterbugs, air-kissing and is very touchy-feely.

Mind you, socialites can’t be dismissed as B graders. They are at par with celebrities. They may not be exceptionally gifted and lacking in utilitarian skills, but they are worthy mascots of life’s celebration and hedonism. They are truly the ’90s flower child.

Top perks of being a socialite

• Never having to wait in a queue at the week’s hot spots.
• Always have a table full of fabulous drinks like Greygoose and Dom Perignon.
• Rubbing shoulders with the most fashionable and fabulous celebrities.
• Being on the friends and family list for discounts and sales at chic boutiques.
• Invitations to the most glamourous soirees.
• Have the hottest arm candy.
• Being in the know — who’s doing what with whom — even before the gossip columns print it.
• An invitation to Liz Hurley & Arun Nayyar’s wedding!

First Published: Jan 12, 2007 15:27 IST