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Surfer's response

Surfer's response

india Updated: Sep 10, 2008, 02:00 IST

I dont really understand what is going on bu why r these scientist aloud to do such an experiment that cud end the world do they not care what happens if it all goes wrong and yeah sure we wont feel a thing but that is not enough to put peoples minds at rest they shud leave things alone why do we bova to try and do the right thing in life if this is the way our lives are going to end and we dont even get a say.
Smantha Elridge From United Kingdom

Those involved in the land-mark experiment, funded by 20 countries, have dismissed the claims as absurd and we need to believe them. They have admitted that the time machine, which has been built 300ft beneath the French-Swiss border could instead spawn a shower of mini-black holes but doesn't consider them to be a risk.
PL Bakhshi from Delhi

This experiment created great interest in view of the doubts created by programmes of the TV channels. Some channels have even stated that tomorrow could be the last saturday of the world.I donot believe such statements.I wish the QUEST really gives us insight into the creation of the UNIVERSE.
Dara Venkata Ramana Rao, Jeypore

I personally think that what is about to happen is the beginning of the end. How can these scientist be so obnoxious to say nothing will happen when it is an experiment that has never taken place before.
Emma Simpson, UK

Why do we need to experiment with the big bang? As it is this planet is dying through pollution and rampant exploitation of natural resources leading to Global Warming, floods, droughts, earthquakes and landslides on a scale never seen before!Do we want to hasten the end?
Vera Alvares, Mumbai

It is a well thought out and planned experiment.Fears of Black holes swallowing up the Earth are being spread without any scientific basis to back them up. Nothing such will happen.
Dr RK Malhotra, Delhi

They should stop such experiments that could cause a life to earth and all living creatures in the planet.
Pankaj Dwivedi, Delhi

It will not end.
Leah Smith, Bahrain

Nothing will happen. Black Hole fears are misplaced.
Dr RK Malhotra, Delhi

God has given brain to Explore and advance
Dinesh Paul, Ranchi

I don't think so.
Maxwell Dmello, Mumbai

Siddharth Kumar From Delhi ( says
They should stop such experiment

Jaime Waters From Australia ( says
If the experiment works it will be good because they will discover a lot of things, but from what I have read, it also has the potential to turn bad, and when you play with fire, you will get burns... They just got to be carefull, I honestly don't think the world will end but something bad could happen when you smash atoms together at a very high energy level.

Abhishek Nandwani From Delhi says
This is all rubbish, nothing will happen for sure, is just a crap.

Dinesh Jain From Delhi says
I am not a scientist of a sort but I am damn sure that the experiment will surely do much evil to the entire world than good. Now the existence of the planet Earth is in the hands of some capricious scientists.

Tammie Booth From United Kingdom ( says
They have been saying this for many years but i don't think something would take place...

Tammie Booth From United Kingdom ( says
Is the world really going to end and can u help us? I am really scared

Priyamvada R From Mumbai ( says
I dont agree with this. I think the quest for knowledge about our own planet must not stop due to fears of all destruction! Research must be encouraged too...And anyway, no one can predict the future, so live in the present and be proud of our scientists' work, encouraging them in every possible way!

Paridhi Chopra From Delhi ( says
I don't think that will happen. Have heard of such scares since many years...but nothing happened. It's unlikely that a theory like this can be interpreted in practical terms...

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