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SurferSpeak: President is just fine

Surfers robustly refute the charge that Kalam is an accidental candidate.

india Updated: Jun 04, 2006 12:11 IST

Vir Sanghvi wrote a piece on the role President plays in a functional multi-party democracy like India. In it, the manner in which he chose to talk about current president doesn't seem to have gone down well with our surfers.

His choice of word "accidental" for many of the compromise candidates in the past and now, has been viewed as a direct reference to Dr Kalam.

Needless to say, almost all our surfers felt the choice of Kalam as a president was right, irrespective of what Sanghvi says about his lack of understanding of the "the finer points of the Constitution".

Views on the use of "accidental"

"Sanghvi, please don't be flippant. Your pejorative words like accidental president do great injustice to the President. The present occupant of the office is no less deserving or academically inferior to the 'intellectuals' of the past you have mentioned. Do you feel a scientist cannot be as intellectual as a philosopher can be? He is honest to the core and one of the best presidents India has had," said BC Sharma from New Delhi.

"Kalam is the best president we had so far. He has his personal standing and his interactive relationship with students have endeared him to all. Most of our former presidents had used the office as licence for free medical treatment and they did nothing and had gala time. Kalam is simple, erudite, graceful and active person," added MM Gurbaxani from Bangalore.

Zaki from Azamgarh in India also said as much.

"Most of our presidents have been good. But President Kalam is the best among them. He is the one of ideal President of India. He is a person of justice without any religious discrimination. He has a clean image among the common people as well as political groups. He is a man of missile technology and has love and compassion for the poor and children."

On his apolitical, non-bureaucratic background

"His scientific background and a visionary idealism manifests in an ability to take objective non-partisan long-term view of matters where politicians are indulging in short-sighted self-interest approaches to matters of legislation and government," averred Sunil Kacker of New Delhi.

"He has brought back dignity and positive energy to the office of the president. His brief tenure has also demonstrated the advantages of having an apolitical intellectual as non-executive head of state," said Rahul Gupta from Kolkata.

Mani Bhowmik from Raahe, Finland had this to say.

"The main aim of this discussion must not be to find the ideal president or point out Kalam as ideal or non-ideal. But the actual motive should be to get to the root cause of what makes a president return a bill that has ticked so many members of the house.

Kalam is not a bureaucrat, but a scientist from heart and mind. He definitely searches for what, how, why in everything. When our so-called bureaucrats and politicians made a bill for them to protect all in their profit; the supreme power has to make a judgement as to if the proposal need not be reconsidered or sign it keeping his eyes closed.

In India, president has only signing power, decisions are taken by so-called politicians/bureaucrats -- this belief has been shaken. So the present reaction to the issue."

Rajesh Nirula from New Delhi also thought on similar lines.

"Kalam has been the only president who has used his powers to raise questions, whenever he had doubts or was not comfortable with some text. The other presidents have been good too, but there is something different about Dr Kalam. We need more presidents who do not have a political background. He is the Supreme Commander of our Armed Forces. We need people like Dr Kalam for more than single term in the office."

"President Kalam has acted wisely by returning the controversial Office-of-Profit Bill. He should have shown the same sensitivity in dealing with reservation agitation. Let politicians do the politics but technocrats should think with a scientific mind. President has his limitations but he should not endorse the populist agenda of government," said Sunil Sharma, Sonebhadra, India.

"President has proved that he is one who can take decisions on own and not a mere rubber stamp like we had in the past. After independence he is most knowledgeable and professionally qualified president we have," said PK Raamachandran from Chennai.

Kalam vs Narayanan

"Abdul Kalam is the best president India ever had. KR Narayanan was sometimes petty and more loyal to his political masters than the Government.

It is not surprising that you chose to bad mouth, however slightly, Kalam, after all him returning the OoP Bill (which was the most devious and blatantly corrupt bill passed by Parliament) must have been a big blow to your political masters.

Instead of commenting on Kalam, we would have appreciated if for once your publication took the right stand and criticised the Left (for behaving like thugs and threatening EC) and Congress (for trying to undermine the authority of the president by telling that they would return the bill back in the same form)," said Prashant from New Delhi.

More radical views

"Yes, of course. He is a person who knows the job and who does what is right. He is an ideal president. Indians wake up. If Manmohan Singh can send the bill to Kalam and he can return it back. Please think who is sincere. At this stage Manmohan Singh is a Congress crony. Simple as that!" cried out Venkat of Singapore.

Abhijit Ghosh from Goeje, South Korea said he wouldn't mind him for another two three terms!

"Yes, we need Mr Abdul Kalam for another three more terms. Politicians, please give us a Prez like him. We are proud of him and we need to learn from his sincerity, devotion and love for the country. I have highest regards for Kalam."

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