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SurferSpeak: 'Time's up for Gyanendra'

Surfers insist Nepal has had enough of royalty and wants to be a republic.

india Updated: Apr 20, 2006 18:45 IST

The picturesque Himalayan Kingdom has been on the boil for a while now. Not the present cauldron of dissent it is seeing. But for a while the quest for democracy has been in full flow in Nepal.

What began with the assassination of King Birendra and his kin, the royal coup that followed to the Maoists rebellion against the present king and a declaration of emergency, this has been the most turbulent part of Nepalese history in modern times.

A traditional monarchy, the common populous has been battling the royalty demanding the end of royal rule and the establishment of a functional democracy.

The sustained campaign of Maoists against the King and won them mass support. Though India is not comfortable with the idea of Maoist's clout, as Nepal's close ally, it certainly wants democratic rule there.

With the missive to hold elections and accept the seven-party alliance (that Maoists also support), India has sent veteran parliamentarian Dr Karan Singh there.

Clearly our surfers spit fire and venom at the King. Here's how it's gone so far.

Writing under a pseudonym Sapphire from Kathmandu had this say.

"Right now, Nepal does not need any King like Gyanendra. We need a system like India. We can't bear more cruelty. We need freedom and development in our country. Don't help the King. We need good president for the bright future of all Nepalese people. Keep him away. We need 'ganatantra' in our country."

Anil said that the King should give power to the Nepalese citizens so that they can choose their own destiny.

Gagan Rai said, "Reinstatement of the parliament, interim government and election of assembly are the need of the hour."

Preetha Nair too gave a thump down to Gyanendra.

"The king of Nepal should step down. Elections should be held immediately. Democracy should take over and monarchy should end. That is the only way out!"

Chandan said the King should go the United Kingdom way. "King Gyanendra should accept to be only a ceremonial king."

Now, is Gyanendra listening?

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