The New Age Guru - Guru Gobind Singh: II

Invincibility of the human mind and its free choice to live life according to his own principles is the basis of all New Age Wisdom.

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The writings of Guru Gobind Singh have been documented in a separate text called the Dasam Granth, or the holy text of the Tenth Guru. Having been scriptured only about 400 years back in time, it is a splendid example of what a modern religion should be, a truly spiritual kaleidoscope, includes the best of all the major religions. Simply put, it is a lesson in the art of living as a spiritual being, during our brief human experience as incarnated human beings.

In his Tav Prasad Svaiyye (With His Grace) he proclaims:
"Holy baths, kindliness and charities, Disciplines and special rules of conduct, perforce,
Reading of the Vedas, Puranas, Katebas, and the Qur'an
Also other sacred texts of the Universe
Living on air, practicing celibacy
And doing all such similar practices
Without being in loving remembrance of the One Almighty God
Of little use are all these, naturally."

This, in truth, sums up the New Age Master's philosophy.

The Guru called the One God Sarabloh, or Steel Incarnate. He saw that this was the sword of righteousness, to be used only when the principles of truth were compromised, and so restore balance to the misdirected energies of humans. He believed that when all avenues to do so were exhausted, only then was it to be used for the sacred purpose of righting all injustices.

This can be applied to the modern world, the analogy is very apt. He fought against forcible conversions of Hindus into the Muslim faith, thus upholding the right of every human to think and believe whatever he wishes to do.

The invincibility of the human mind and its free choice to live life according to his own principles is the basis of all New Age Wisdom. Personal discernment, not blind faith or mass-mind controlling rulers, is the hallmark of the New Age Human.

He believed that the glory of the human, and his right to glorify the God within him, led to the raising of the mass consciousness of the planetary soul. No human had a right to control the thoughts or beliefs of another, however rich or powerful he might be.

This is the reason why we have so many New Age humans actually looking for guiding principles within all religions, rather than being dysfunctionally attached to whichever faith they were born into.

In today's world, this allegorical sword is being used to raise a voice against all injustice violence, whether it is in the form of a pen, or whether it is a movement geared to preserving the purity of the planet and its resources. The motives are the same, the goal is the ultimate resurrection of the inborn Divinity in the human life.

The Guru's last, and most lasting, contribution to this New Age Wisdom was His express wish that the Word of God, as documented in the holy texts, become the "Guru" for all to revere and follow, putting an end to the practice of following a living Guru.

Seek the Guru within yourself, for we are all Gods, yet unrealised, he preached. How much closer could any Guru come to this Modern New Age realization?

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