Image shows a cat ‘working’ on laptop.(Twitter/@gottapatchemal)
Image shows a cat ‘working’ on laptop.(Twitter/@gottapatchemal)

10 tweets that prove pets make the worst co-workers

The Internet is a treasure trove for videos that prove how pets make the worst co-workers.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta
UPDATED ON MAR 24, 2020 04:58 PM IST

At a time when several businesses have moved their employees from corporate desks to domestic couches, many are working from small spaces and struggling to adapt to this new norm. And it isn’t easy, especially, when you have to work with the worst co-workers waiting to distract you with their cuteness. Yes, we’re talking about the pets.

The Internet is a treasure trove for such videos that prove how pets make the worst co-workers in a Work From Home scenario. We’ve collected some awesome stories of fur babies who are, with absolute diligence, performing their work duties to the fullest by pestering their humans. So what if the humans’ work suffers?

Here’s one such co-worker that this Twitter user is working with. All he does is walk up to their desk and stare. On top of that, he even pats on their leg until they reciprocate the gesture. Damn that cutie!

While some pets are textbook examples of perfect “colleagues” that’s certainly not the case for this person. Here’s what her co-worker insists on doing when she tries to get some work done:

Here’s someone who – quite sarcastically – informed that she loves working from home because her pets “never fight”. Well, if you’re missing some workplace drama then this is a video you shouldn’t miss:

What happens when someone’s pet rabbit is in charge of checking the copies of the students? Why of course, the furry ball eats it.

What happens when you have more than one co-worker?

Here’s someone who has to take extra load while working from home because their co-workers want them to act as the “pet butler” too:

For a change, here’s someone who is using the distraction to their own advantage. They even have tips to share:

“Oh, are you trying to work from home” what do you do when your pet “asks” you this very essential question? You give up everything and pet them – just like this Twitter user:

“How do people with pets work productively from home?” They don’t:

When your co-worker demands “equal wage” because they’re doing all the hard work – cuddling and being cute:

The only thing we have to say to people working from home with their pets is:


Are you working with your adorably annoying co-workers too?

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