Don’t worry, the samosa placed inside the bun had a chocolate fudge filling.(Instagram /@foodie_on_enfield)
Don’t worry, the samosa placed inside the bun had a chocolate fudge filling.(Instagram /@foodie_on_enfield)

Chocolate samosa pav is the new hatke dish that has left netizens divided

Would you try it or do you think it’s not for you?
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Amrita Kohli
PUBLISHED ON SEP 22, 2020 05:50 PM IST

Do you still get upset about pineapple on pizza? Did the Oreo-filled samosas that went viral a while back leave you livid? Or are you someone who doesn’t quite mind trying some hat-ke dishes? Well, regardless which side you lean towards, this dish that is a unique take on the classic vada pav, will prompt a reaction out of you.

A video circulating on social media shows a pav or bun filled with chocolate sauce and a nice big samosa. Surprised? Excited? Agitated? Well, hold those feelings until you actually see the video of this dish being put together.

A Twitter user shared the clip on September 20 with a caption saying, “End is near!!” How dramatic you think the caption is will depend on how much of an experimental eater you are.

The video was shared earlier on Instagram on a page called ‘foodie_on_enfield’. “TAG CHOCOLATE LOVERS,” says the caption shared along with the video.

It shows someone lathering up chocolate sauce on the inside of a pav. Then, they casually place a samosa inside. The person then proceeds to add some kind of white sauce, probably whipped cream, on the samosa and clip soon ends abruptly.

In case you’re wondering, the person who shared the video mentions in the comments section that the samosa placed inside the bun wasn’t your regular aloo filled snack but had a chocolate fudge filling inside.

Watch the video below to decide how you feel about this dish:

On both Twitter and Instagram, people haven’t held back while sharing their reactions. While some seemed visibly upset with the fusion dish a few showed interest in trying it out.

“But why? Was it a aloo samosa?” asked an Instagram user. To which the reply came, “chocolate fudge inside.” Still not quite convinced, the individual replied, “I have 32 sweet teeth but this is not at all enticing me to have it”.

“Pahele istemal kare fir vishwas kare,” answered ‘foodie_on_enfield’.

“It’s a ghanghor bezzaatii of samosa, really hate this combo. I’m very possessive for samosa. How could you do so?” wrote an individual.

“So chocolatey it is,” shared someone with a drooling face emoji.

So how do you feel about this dish? Would you try a bite?

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