“Oh my God it‘s awesome,” read one comment under the post.(Instagram/@nasa)
“Oh my God it‘s awesome,” read one comment under the post.(Instagram/@nasa)

NASA shares new, stunning pictures of universe for Hubble Space Telescope’s 30th birthday

From sparkling clusters of stars to gleaming galaxies, NASA shared 30 newly processed pictures of the universe for the Hubble Space Telescope’s 30th birthday.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Sanya Budhiraja
UPDATED ON DEC 12, 2020 03:40 PM IST

Giving someone a present on their birthday is quite a common and kind practice. Yet, the space agency, NASA has turned the tables. On the Hubble Space Telescope’s 30th birthday, it has presented netizens with a great gift, i.e. some fantastic and novel shots of the universe. These pictures are so striking that they may leave you speechless.

Posted on NASA’s official Instagram account, this post comprises four images with some text. It reads, “Hubble, you shouldn’t have! @NASAHubble Space Telescope turned 30 this year, and to mark this momentous occasion, it’s sharing 30 presents wrapped in stars and sprinkled with stardust, just for you! Each gift can be seen through your backyard telescopes and some can even be spotted with those binoculars you have next to your bed”.

Check out the post below:

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Now, wasn’t that astounding? If you’re left wanting more, then we have a treat for you. The official Instagram account for NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope shared a similar post on December 11. “Hubble turned 30 this year, and it has a birthday present to share with you! Today, we released new Hubble images of 30 beautiful cosmic sights from the Caldwell Catalog... all of which you can find with a telescope in the night sky”.

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Both the shares captured netizens’ attention. NASA’s post received over 1.5 million likes, whereas the image shared on Hubble Space Telescope’s Instagram account accumulated over 97,700 likes.

Here is how Instagram users reacted to the share. One person said, “Happy 30th to Hubble”.

Another individual wrote, “Wow”. “Oh my God it‘s awesome,” read one comment under the post.

You can check out more newly processed pictures released for Hubble’s 30th birthday here.

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