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Buzzing with Buss it Challenge

ByPrerna Gauba
Feb 24, 2021 07:27 PM IST

Many celebrities stormed to the Internet to make their own unique versions of the buss it challenge.

The year of 2020 and 2021 have been all about challenges. Started to curb the gloom of the lockdown, these challenges are now becoming rage which everyone on social media is willing to try. The newest one is #bussitchellenge. The Buss It Challenge features primarily women undergoing makeovers in a matter of seconds. In the first part of the clip, the challenge undertaker appears on camera in sweats or laid-back attires as the song Buss It plays, they drop it low, revealing their glam look. Many have associated it to confidence and feel, whatever gives one confidence should be done. Everyone has their own variation of the concept and they are fun to watch.

Influencer Kusha Kapila (Instagram)

However, the way social media has seeped into our everyday life there much that the FOMO of not being there drives us to try everything online. “ In this fickle social media world, things escalate quite quickly for its popularity, a lot of people do for the mere FOMO quotient. The particular Hook step of the - Buss it challenge is the key feature of this viral video rage,” says stylist Pranay Jaitly.

Model Sakshi Sindwani (Instagram)
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Experts believe people seek validation, pandemic or not, and it has become a tool via may it be social media or otherwise ,to distract oneself from the turmoil. “ When a teenager goes through a break up he/she feels rejected and invalidated, possibly unworthy of love, this leads them to seeking external validation through shopping, posting pics on Instagram or whatever else it may be. A mature adult too will curb the inner battles of pain and more via posting a sexy /beautiful photo for that quick emotional fix .. this is becoming a trend for anyone who goes through similar issues of validation and visibility,” says Kartik Naidu, transpersonal therapist.

However, for many the process of making and sharing one is just to enjoy and bring a smile on faces. “These challenges are just for fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. If you are on social media, you can enjoy the process of making these videos and posting them,” says stylist Shounak Amonkar.

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