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Hair colour trends to watch out for in 2023

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
Feb 06, 2023 05:32 PM IST

With hair colours that make you go weak in the knee, the upcoming hair colour trends of 2023 are beyond amazing. Also, when it comes to these trends, there’s no such thing as hair colours for women and men. You can pick the look you feel the most yourself in!

Beautiful hair spells confidence, attraction and grace in bold letters so for precisely this reason, we put in so much effort to ensure our strands are healthy and shiny and there are many for whom hair colour is an essential element of their hair care regimen, whether it is to cover greys or just to don a new look. As a matter of fact, the hair colour trends are ever evolving and if you are one missing out on the same, we have covered it for you, to help you stay ahead of the time.

Hair colour trends to watch out for in 2023 (Photo by Gerardo Cejas on Pexels)

With hair colours that make you go weak in the knee, the upcoming hair colour trends of 2023 are beyond amazing. If you do not compromise on making a statement with your outfits at any party you walk into, then these universally flattering hair colour trends are an absolute must for you to try at least once!

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Also, when it comes to these trends, there’s no such thing as hair colours for women and men, you can pick the look you feel the most yourself in! While usually the trends remain confined to colour variants, we delved deeper and found out what the top trends, beyond hues, are likely to dominate in 2023.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Saurav Patnaik, COO and Co-Founder of Anveya Living, suggested:

1. Underlights in purple

Purple is the all time signature hair colour for an obvious reason! How can anybody not go forpurple underlights like these? We feel a beautiful purple hair colour gives an easy edge to any look. Besides, the combination of black and purple is indescribably chic! You can also create a few highlights, if underlights do not exactly align with your fashion choices.

2. Money pieces in bold oranges

You’d make everybody drop their jaws at the party with this look, for sure! The statement money pieces in an undeniably cool orange is anything but subtle. This trend is a party on its own! You can also pick a pink or a blue hair colour to achieve a look as impactful as this one.

3. Global hair colour in neon yellows

This look is for the one who is almost always tagged as the life of the party! That one badass, bold and no nonsense sister who’s always up to some mischief. Wearing a global hair colour such as neon, platinum or a gold, leaving the roots to remain rich black looks extremely appealing.

4. Split dyes with rich black hair

One hair colour trend we will never ever stop fancying till the end of time are split dyes! The charm of pairing a vibrant hair colour with luscious black hair, i.e. your natural hair colour is unmatched. Red and black are especially two colours that work together so damn well! Add this to your party bucket list.

5. One of a kind pink bangs

Who doesn’t have a thing for bangs but pink coloured bangs do hit differently! They appear elegant, classy and feminine all at the same time. If you consider yourself to be a dedicated fashionista, this look is what you need to attend any party with confidence.

Bringing her expertise to the same, Clelia Cecilia Angelon, Founder and CEO of Surya Brasil, listed the hair colour trends to watch out for in 2023:

1. Henna

People are rapidly shifting from chemical-based hair coloring options to more natural ones, and the same trend is likely to continue in the next year. The major cause behind this trend is the pandemic and increase of awareness among consumers, and one ingredient that has truly made some significant headway is yet again, the good old henna. Gone are the days when henna meant an orangish/reddish tint, as now we have for instance henna cream that offers a wide range of color options such as red, copper, brown, blonde and of course natural black, among others. What we can expect in the year that’s ahead is much more advancements with regard to Henna-based hair colour options.

2. Ready to use colours

We have come a long way since the time when hair coloring at home used to be a cumbersome and time-taking process; not to forget, the expertise required to prepare the colours at home or the fear of spilling some on to the clothes, floors or furniture. With the common lifestyle of late inclining more towards ease of doing things and utility-based comfort, a trend that is expected to dominate is ready-to-use hair colour options, for example a cream with easy-to-use applicator. This makes the entire process mess free, helps save considerable amount of time, and leaves zero scope for any undesired amalgamation. With such benefits, this trend also seems far from dying in the near future.

3. Ammonia and its byproducts free

Consumers are now aware of the harmful effects of ammonia, which once used to be the most common ingredient found in hair colours. Studies of late, however, suggested that while ammonia might let the colour last long, its side-effects are not really suitable for anyone. It has been found that ammonia or its byproducts Ethanolamine, Dietanolamine and Triethanolamine in chemical-based hair dyes can irritate skin, give a feeling of burning and impact mouth, throat, lungs as well as eyes. In long term, it can even lead to fatal illness. With customers getting more acquainted about the wellness quotient of hair care products, the trend has shifted in the favour of semi permanent and ammonia-free hair colours, which is certain to dominate the scene even next year.

4. Zero tolerance for harsh chemicals

Chemicals are often added to hair dyes to make them more effective and long lasting. Often we don’t even know their harmful effects as not much has been researched on them. However, the consumer behaviour over the past 2-3 years suggest that they are shifting towards natural and organic products that are made without any harsh chemical, a trend expected to continue in 2023. For instance, there is an increased demand for henna hair cream/colour mixed with amla, Chamomile, Jua, Malva, Jaborandi, Babaçu Oil, Copaíba, Guaraná, Cumaru, Açaí, Olive and Coconut Powder Oil, found in the Amazon rainforests.

5. Cruelty free

We live in a world where we want to see everybody happy and thriving. Personal care industry has often used animal and their products, even at the cost of their lives. They have also tested these products on animals, which has led to terrible side effects or even death of the animal in some cases. Thus, consumers are going vegan, preferring products with no animal being harmed. Cruelty free products are destined to rule the world if the trend is to go by.

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