Skincare tips: The right way to apply moisturizer and mistakes to avoid

Published on Sep 29, 2022 06:48 PM IST

Moisturizer is essential to keep our skin healthy and shiny. Check out the right way to apply moisturizer and common mistakes to avoid.

Skincare tips: The right way to apply moisturizer and mistakes to avoid(istockphoto)
Skincare tips: The right way to apply moisturizer and mistakes to avoid(istockphoto)

All of us enjoy pampering our skin, and we spend a lot of money on it. However, we frequently forget to moisturize our skin before using any cosmetics. Although some people view daily moisturizing as an aesthetically pleasing habit, it is essential for good skin. The greatest organ of the body, our skin needs care on a regular basis to be young, flawless, and healthy. Your skin may stay nourished and renewed with the aid of moisturizer. The oil glands that maintain healthy skin start to lose their function as we age, which causes them to produce less oil. The glands don't have to work as hard to maintain healthy skin throughout your lifetime when you moisturize every day. However, you should also be aware of the right way to apply moisturizer to get the maximum benefit and avoid mistakes. (Also read: Tired of skin problems? Beauty tips to take care of your skin and build a skincare routine )

Talking to HT Lifestyle, Dr. Suvina Attavar, Certified Dermatologist and Skin Specialist, shared five biggest moisturizer mistakes that people should avoid making.

  • Using moisturizer directly over dry skin causes moisturizers to trap existing moisture in your skin, and damp skin keeps it hydrated for longer.
  • Hyaluronic acid alone as a moisturizer is not a very good idea. It is hygroscopic , it absorbs water, and applying hyaluronic acid on dry skin alone can suck up all the moisture from the deeper layers of the skin leaving it more dry and dehydrated.
  • You may think that applying moisturizer only to dry areas of the face and skipping the oily parts help. However, skipping moisturizer can lead to excessive oil secretion from the sebaceous glands to compensate.
  • Using the wrong ingredients in the moisturizers for your skin type often lead to breakouts, cracks, sensitivity and dermatitis. Speak to your dermatologist to understand what would suit you.
  • Back and Neck also need to be moisturized, we often ignore these areas.

Skincare Educator, Mira, suggested moisturizer tips to apply it the right way to get the maximum benefit.

  • Use your skin type to help select your moisturizer base.

Dry skin- cream and balm

Combo skin- gel cream and lotion

Oily skin- gel and milk base cream

Moisturizer application tips

  • Apply on damp skin to lock in more moisture. Unscented facial moisturizers can be used under the eyes as well. Apply irritating ingredients like retinoids after moisturizer when starting out.

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