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Diabetes: Warning signs that your blood sugar is out of control

Updated on Sep 03, 2022 10:51 AM IST

Sudden weight loss, exhaustion, slow healing and frequent pains are all signs that your blood sugar levels are high.

When your blood sugars are high your body is likely to warn you with a series of symptoms.(Shutterstock)
By, Delhi

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels over a period of time can lead to many potentially life-threatening complications. People who have diabetes even with their best efforts will have episodes when their blood sugar levels will go haywire, but with regular monitoring, medicines and proper diet, exercise, one can bring sugar levels in control most of the times. When your blood sugars are high your body is likely to warn you with a series of symptoms. If you feel tired constantly even after resting, your mood experiences change, your wounds take more time to heal than before, your vision starts feeling blurry or you experience frequent aches or pains, it may indicate that you need better diabetes management plan. (Also read: Diabetes: Signs that your blood glucose levels are too low)

Eating low GI foods, staying active, regular exercise and monitoring blood sugar levels generally do the trick but one should approach their doctor if things are not in control.

Karishma Shah, Nutritionist and Wellness expert in her recent Instagram post lists out high blood sugar signs that one should not ignore.

Weight loss even after normal diet

If a person suffering from diabetes loses weight even after having normal diet, this means the sugar levels are out of control as a lot of calories are lost in the urine.

Tired even after rest

When the level of glucose increases, its absorption by the body becomes difficult. It leads to extreme fatigue even after having good sleep or rest.

Slow healing of cuts, sores and infections

White blood cells which eliminate infection depend entirely on glucose because if the latter is higher there is slow response from them as well. This results in slow healing of blood gums, small cuts, sores and infections.

Your vision blurs

When the sugar level shoots up, the lens of the eye either shrinks or swells up causing blurry vision due to creation of little spots known as floaters.

Frequent pains

Other crucial symptoms of high glucose levels are frequent pain in shoulders, fainting, shortness of breath and discomfort in the chest, arms or jaw.

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