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Kareena Kapoor Khan returns to Yoga with Vrikshasana, Siddhasana, Sarvangasana

The only blues we are accepting this Tuesday are the ones Kareena Kapoor Khan flaunts in Yoga workout ‘after two babies and four months postpartum’ as she ‘stretch like a cat’ during Vrikshasana or opts to be ‘mindful’ with Siddhasana and Sarvangasana
Kareena Kapoor Khan returns to Yoga with Vrikshasana, Siddhasana, Sarvangasana(Instagram/kareenakapoorkhan/therealkareenakapoor)
Updated on Jun 22, 2021 01:17 PM IST
By Zarafshan Shiraz

As the world marked International Yoga Day this Monday, Bollywood celebrities treated fans to a glimpse of their rigorous exercise session but Kareena Kapoor Khan ruled the roost as she marked her return to Yoga with a bang, “after two babies and four months postpartum”. Having started her Yoga journey in 2006 when she signed the films Tashan and Jab We Met, Kareena was seen raising the bar of fitness goals for new mommies this week as she stretched “like a cat” during Vrikshasana or opted to be “mindful” with Siddhasana and Sarvangasana.

Flooding the Internet with sneak peeks of her intense workout session, Kareena shared pictures from her courtyard which featured the diva donning a royal blue Puma crop top with sheer straps, teamed with a pair of similar coloured tights. The only blues we are accepting this Tuesday are the ones Kareena flaunted in her latest set of fitness pictures as she pulled back her hair into a top knot to ace the athleisure look.

In one picture, Bebo was seen nailing Vrikshasana by balancing her body weight on one leg, with the other one folded and supported on her inner thigh. Stretching out her hands above her head, she entagled the fingers and raised the palms directly upwards.

Gazing in the distance, while keeping the right knee bent in half lotus position, Kareena effortlessly held onto this posture as she shared in the caption, “For me, my yoga journey began in 2006 when I signed Tashan and Jab We Met... an incredible one... which kept me fit and strong (sic).”


She added, “Now after two babies and four months postpartum... this time I was just exhausted and in too much pain to get back but today I’m slowly and steadily getting back at it (sic).”

Motivating others to follow suit, Kareena concluded by an inspiring note that read, “My yoga time is my me time... and of course, consistency is key... so, keep at it people On that note, I'm going to #StretchLikeACat and hope you do too (sic).”

Benefits of Vrikshasana or tree pose of Yoga:

This asana helps to bring balance to your mind and body. It makes your legs stronger and is a great hip opener as assists it the body in establishing pelvic stability and strengthens the bones of the hips and legs.

The shift of the entire body’s weight to each leg strengthens the ligaments and tendon of the feet. It also helps strengthen the thighs, calves and ankles and and helps improve focus.

Precautions: This asana should be avoided by those who suffer from vertigo or migraine or insomnia issues.

Another picture from the same workout was shared by a fan page which featured the Bollywood star acing the seated asana suitable for meditation, Siddhasana. Sitting with her toes tucked into thighs and setting her feet side by side while keeping her knees wide, Kareena closed her eyes in a meditative pose and the picture was captioned, “Mindful > Mind full (sic).”

Benefits of Siddhasana or Yoga’s Accomplished pose or Siddhi's pose:

This ideal position for meditating is excellent for increasing flexibility in hips and groin/inner thigh muscles. It not only opens the practitioner’s hips, chest and shoulders but also lengthens the spine, improves posture, stretches the front of the ankles, strengthens calf muscles, activates the chakras, keeps the mind alert, reduces stress and anxiety and helps to balance the activities of the reproductive organs.

In the last picture from the intense workout session, Kareena was seen performing Sarvangasana. Contracting the abdomen, Kareena was featured with both her legs raised to a 90 degree angle from the floor.

Kareena Kapoor Khan performing Sarvangasana (Instagram/therealkareenakapoor)

Benefits of Sarvangasana or the shoulder stand of Yoga:

There are countless benefits of this pose which include stretching the shoulders and neck along with toning the legs and buttocks, stimulating the thyroid and abdominal organs, helping to relieve stress and reducing the symptoms of menopause.

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