Sameera Reddy says she will begin intermittent fasting in new Fitness Friday post
Sameera Reddy says she will begin intermittent fasting in new Fitness Friday post

Sameera Reddy says she will begin intermittent fasting in new Fitness Friday post

Sameera Reddy is opening up about her workout routine post Covid-19 and how she has been feeling demotivated. Sharing a video on Instagram today, Sameera revealed that she was going to start intermittent fasting and get her fitness regimen back on track.
By Krishna Priya Pallavi, Delhi
UPDATED ON JUN 04, 2021 03:05 PM IST

Sameera Reddy often talks about body positivity and leading a healthy lifestyle on her social media page. The actress has raised awareness about mental health issues as well. She openly talks about her body, fitness routines and how she manages to include some healthy habits in her lifestyle. She even has a series called Fitness Friday, where she posts videos and pictures of herself.

For Fitness Friday post today, Sameera shared a video of herself on Instagram talking about her post-Covid-19 fitness routine. She said that she was feeling demotivated to workout after recovering from the deadly virus.

Sameera said that her series helps her to confess to her followers how she is progressing. She added she was going to begin intermittent fasting from tomorrow. The 42-year-old actress also mentioned in the post, “I need to really get cracking. I’ve been playing badminton and doing yoga. Started light weights for my arms.”


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The actress captioned the video, “I’ve been feeling so demotivated to focus on my own workouts and I can’t tell you how it helps me to have to confess where I’m at every #fitnessfriday to you! Can’t run or hide but that’s a good thing!”

Sameera revealed the things that she loves about Fitness Friday in the video. She said that she loves that the series makes her accountable and honest about her fitness routine. The actress, who recently recovered from Covid-19, pointed that she has got her energy back and was feeling good. However, she hasn’t managed to lose weight.

She added that the series was not only about losing weight for her. It was a reminder for her to achieve her fitness goal with her followers. In the end, she revealed that she was going to begin intermittent fasting and will definitely get back on track.

What is intermittent fasting? Observed for losing weight, intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. People generally select a time frames and eat their meals within that period. There is no particular diet chart that should be followed while practising intermittent fasting. Instead, it is about a set period during which you should eat.

Sameera, her husband Akshai and their kids, Hans and Nyra, had tested positive for Covid-19 in April. However, they have since recovered.

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