Why eating rajma is beneficial for people with diabetes

  • You have every reason to include rajma in your diet. It can keep your blood sugar levels in control, your heart healthy and aid in weight loss.
The high fibre and protein content makes rajma a perfect weight loss food(Pinterest)
The high fibre and protein content makes rajma a perfect weight loss food(Pinterest)
Published on Jan 16, 2022 02:08 PM IST
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Eating rajma with a small quantity of white rice or chapatis can be a healthy meal for people with diabetes, says a nutritionist. A storehouse of micronutrients, fibre and protein, rajma or kidney beans is the low GI (glycaemic index) food that can provide the right nutritional punch and also help keep sugar levels in check in people with diabetes.

You have every reason to include rajma in your diet not only due to its unmatchable taste but also because it's healthy Kfor your heart, keeps your blood glucose levels in control, aids in weight loss, strengthens bones and even prevents cancer risk.

The high fibre and protein content makes it a perfect weight loss food, while the abundance of essential minerals, calcium and magnesium can help strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

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Red kidney beans(Pixabay)
Red kidney beans(Pixabay)

"Rajma is moderately high in protein and extremely high in fibre. 30-40% of the carbs present are slow digesting. That's why rajma has one of the lowest glycemic index of all the foods, and is good to include in a diabetic diet," says nutritionist Bhuvan Rastogi.

Kidney beans are also excellent for keeping your gut health in top shape.

"The high fibre present in rajma works as a prebiotic to increase gut bacteria and improve gut health. We need about 25 to 30 g fibre every day (as per ICMR guidelines for Indians). Fibre plays a crucial role in improving stool passage related issues," adds Rastogi.

He says that out of all digestible carbs, rajma has a high amount of amylose which digests slowly.

Rajma's glycemic index

"GI below 55 is considered low. Rajma's GI = 24. To compare, oats is 55, wheat chapati is 52. So even with a rajma and roti combination, you still have low GI," says the expert.

Nutrition in Rajma

1 cup (240 ml) cooked kidney beans is:

15 g protein (same as egg whites)

Less than 1 g fat

11 g fibre

29 g carbs (minus fibre)

The next time you feel like having rajma (with a little bit of rice), don't curb those cravings.

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