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World Milk Day 2024: This milk recipe will make your child gulp down a glass in seconds

By, Delhi
Jun 01, 2024 02:19 PM IST

World Milk Day 2024: Here's a super easy recipe for making a tasty and healthy chocolate milkshake at home for your children.

World Milk Day 2024: Milk is an integral part of our daily diet. It is easily accessible, cheap and flexible to be used in multiple food items. Milk and dairy products provide us with necessary nutrition for the body. Milk consumption is particularly important for children as it adds to nutrition and makes them healthy. However, the reluctance of children to drink milk is quite well-known. Often parents struggle to make their kids drink a glass of milk. As we gear up to celebrate World Milk Day for this year, here is a super easy and fun recipe of making a creamy chocolate milkshake at home that will make your child ask for more.

Here is a super easy and fun recipe of making a creamy chocolate milkshake at home.(Unsplash)

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Milk has been a part of the daily diet since the Neolithic age. Humans had domesticated animals back then and learnt to extract nutrients from milk. However, with time, milk consumption reduced significantly due to changing consumer preferences, availability of milk substitutes and distribution of industrialised milk in the market. World Milk Day will be observed on June 1. This year, the celebrations are focused on raising awareness about the significance of dairy in nourishing the world.

Creamy extreme chocolate milkshake


1½ cups fresh cream

1½ cups chopped milk chocolate

½ liter chocolate ice cream

4 cups milk

Melted white chocolate as required

Sweetened whipped cream as required

Chopped white chocolate for garnish

Chocolate syrup for garnish

Crushed chocolate wafers for garnish


In a nonstick pan, add fresh cream and milk chocolate and heat it. When the chocolate melts, take the pan off the heat and let it cool down. In a blender jar, add ice cream, milk, fresh cream chocolate mixture and blend everything together. In a serving glass, drizzle chocolate and pour the milkshake. On top, pipe whipped cream, sprinkle white chocolate and drizzle chocolate syrup. Garnish with chocolate wafers and serve chilled.

(Recipe: Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef)

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