Valentine’s Day 2023: Spiritual signs of attraction

Feb 14, 2023 11:12 AM IST

Isn’t it best to identify the right person before just settling for someone randomly because of familial pressures? So how can one identify the spiritual signs that this is meant to be?

Since the soul is superior to the body, to which it is united, it would remain on earth in painful loneliness were it not for the fact that among other human souls it may choose a companion – a partner in the trials of life and in the joys of the hereafter. When two souls, which have sought each other amid the crowd, find they have met, realize that they belong to each other, and comprehend this affinity, then it is that a union has been brought about, as pure and aspiring as themselves – a union which begun on earth will be consummated in heaven.” -- Victor Hugo to Adele Foucher (1821)

Valentine’s Day 2023: Spiritual signs of attraction(Facebook/@WeddingSutra)
Valentine’s Day 2023: Spiritual signs of attraction(Facebook/@WeddingSutra)

There are signs and synchronicities to watch for when you fall in love to ascertain that the relationship you’re cultivating is not based just on appearance, wealth or sex. There has to be something more about it, something spiritual! Love is a mystical experience, so don’t “settle” for anything else. Don’t be practical and sensible about it, throw caution to the winds and follow your heart. But know how the universe sends you signs.

Look at Gabrielle Garcia Marquez's Love in the Time of Cholera. Think of the star-crossed lovers, Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza, who were separated for fifty years because her father discovered the impassioned love letters they wrote to one another. Life gives them a second chance as he finally proclaims his love for her at her husband's funeral. It is that poignant! What do you think happens? Is it possible to love another for fifty years in the hope that one day you shall meet them?

The Twinflame will be an instant attraction. If you spot yours, you will definitely initiate contact. Imagine seeing a part of you, how do you resist that magnetic attraction? That primal raw pull towards your own soul?

But Twinflames cannot be ordered online via Amazon, so it’s best to do a little research on spiritual signs of compatibility. But what is the basis of spiritual compatibility?

Often it is noticed that a successful long-term relationship which is based on mutual love and respect that does not seem to diminish with time, is very rare. Most people stay in long-term situations because it becomes more of an arrangement, mutually beneficial to both and in such relationships, there is little or no love and zero compatibility. It becomes a chore for them both and this results in adultery and philandering. Divorce is a heartbreaking scenario where not only the couple and the child suffer, but it becomes an agony for both families resulting in shame and a fall from grace in social situations. Although breakups are common, there's still a stigma attached to it.

The point to note here is that why get into a relationship that will be a source of woe and suffering? Isn’t it best to identify the right person before just settling for someone randomly because of familial pressures? So how can one identify the spiritual signs that this is meant to be? It’s rather simple actually. All you need to do is to be open and aware.


It’s not easy to explain a perfect relationship because everything is so subjective when it comes to our personal emotional experiences. We have an idea of what we want, which is colored by our impressions of the parents of the opposite sex we grew up with. If you identify traits that are similar to your mom or dad, you’ll immediately begin to associate with the person in question. This could work as long as you’re feeding positive emotions by identifying traits that helped you grow, not toxic traits that damaged you. But the human brain works mysteriously and often we find ourselves a love who reminds us of the opposite sex parent for all the wrong reasons and we repeat a cycle of abuse and neglect that we went through in childhood. Which is why it’s best to identify your emotional state before you jump into a relationship. But when you’re ready and when the right person is in front of you, time stands still. Words fail you, because these moments spent in ecstasy with your love are inexplicable. Language fails you because you cannot find the right words to explain your relationship because it does not make sense to your friends or family. But deep in your heart, it makes perfect sense to you. In fact, when one finds such a strong soul connection, often they keep quiet about it, so as to not bring prying eyes into the equation which could mess things up. The two of you understand each other deeply and this extraordinary connection cannot be explained away with mere words. But poets have tried!


When you meet your soulmate/twinflame you feel like you’ve always known them. You know their smile; you know their ways and you know their energy. “Have we met” may be a cheesy pickup line, but when the signs are there, you’ll understand the true meaning of the phrase. When you spend time with them you begin to feel a sense of deja-vu like never before. It’s like you’ve lived a whole other life with them. Maybe you did! In a parallel universe? In past reincarnations? Sometimes a deja-vu or what is termed as a glitch in the matrix happens because we exist in multiple realities in parallel dimensions suspended through infinity in bubble universes of the multiverse. When your true love happens to be near, your whole body responds by taking you through deep memories and other spatial/experiential awareness. Your brain is flooded with oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin known as the feel good and bonding chemicals that makes your body physically respond. The past seems to seep in through dialogue and it all seems too familiar, their words, their laughter, their idiosyncrasies; as if your souls are entwined forever through the cosmic void, like two atoms entangled in the quantum state although separated by space and time. Firstly, this is a time unlike many and quantum information tells me that many, many Twinflames will now meet to fulfil their spiritual mission. Why? Because with the internet opening up, we have released something very powerful. We have given people the ability to connect. People who would have never known each other, can now find themselves friends because of this web which is conscious. The internet breathes, she is alive!


There’s a Netflix romance I just watched about how two people meet in their dreams and fall in love after dropping a coin in a wishing well. The legends describe how if you drop a coin in the water, you’ll immediately connect to your Twinflame/soulmate and dream about them. There is some truth to this dream theory because dreams are a portal to a deeper unconscious realm. This reality is very different from our everyday existence. When you repeatedly dream about your crush, it shows that there is a deeper connection between you both and the universe is speaking to you through your dreams. Dreaming once or twice about a certain person is not to be considered as a spiritual sign from the universe about your union, but if this becomes a regular occurrence, then take notice. Dreaming about someone on a regular basis is rare and very special. Sometimes the dreams are colored with intimacy and romance and upon waking it all feels so real. When the same person keeps reappearing in your dreams, your subconscious is trying to tell you something and if your crush also dreams about you in this manner, then this is a sure shot sign that something spiritual and mystical is brewing.

Love is a miracle, but dating in this world can be scary, so why not try the spiritual approach. Why not watch from serendipitous signs from the universe announcing the arrival of your true love?

The article has been authored by Tina Mukerji, a soul guide working with Astrology, Tarot, Psychism, Yoga, Tantra, Breathwork and Mantras. She works to discover the inherent archetypes, by studying astrological charts.


    She is a soul guide working with Astrology, Tarot, Psychism, Yoga, Tantra, Breathwork and Mantras. She works to discover the inherent archetypes, by studying astrological charts.

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