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Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for February 15, what’s in store for Aquarius, Capricorn, Aries, Leo and other zodiac signs

Horoscope Today: Are the stars lined up in your favour? Find out the astrological prediction for Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs for February 15.

more-lifestyle Updated: Feb 15, 2020, 11:53 IST
Dr Prem Kumar Sharma and Manisha Koushik
Dr Prem Kumar Sharma and Manisha Koushik
Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for February 15, what’s in store for Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs
Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for February 15, what’s in store for Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs

Every zodiac sign has its own characteristics and traits which tell us a lot about a person’s personality. The positions of the sun, moon and planets determine our daily horoscope. Read on to find out whether the odds are in your favour today.

* Aries (March 21-April 20): Commuting is likely to become easy. Good returns from a property deal are likely for some. Preparing well for exams or competition will become your priority right now. Your efforts to come in the good books of people who matter on the professional front will succeed. Financially, the day seems favourable. Focus on health may become a necessity. Some domestic issues may need your personal attention, so find time for them.

Love Focus: Spouse will be in a romantic mood, so don’t be surprised to find a candlelight dinner or tickets for a show waiting for you!

Lucky Colour: Parrot Green

Lucky Alphabet: D

Friendly Numbers: 8, 14

Friendly Zodiac Today: Libra & Aquarius

Be careful of: Cancer

* Taurus (April 21-May 20): You are likely to deliver more than expected on the professional front and make your mark. A tensed family member needs to be handled with patience and sympathy. A vacation is likely to proceed as per plans and give you utmost pleasure. You come out with flying colours on the academic front. Property acquired previously may give excellent returns. Expenses looming on the horizon may need your personal attention. Morning walks and jogs do you a whole lot of good.

Love Focus: Newlyweds can expect blissful togetherness

Lucky Colour: Cream

Lucky Alphabet: K

Friendly Numbers: 4, 2

Friendly Zodiac Today: Scorpio & Gemini

Be careful of: Leo

* Gemini (May 21-July 21): A great time is foreseen for those taking a break through a short vacation. Taking possession of a new house may become a reality for some. Your hard work is likely to pay rich dividends on the academic front. You are likely to give an excellent account of yourself on the professional front. Day seems monetarily favourable, as previous investments give good returns. The first requirement of improving your physical skills is fitness. Family’s support and concern will be most encouraging.

Love Focus: Romance beckons the lonely hearts and promises much joy and fulfillment.

Lucky Colour: Indigo

Lucky Alphabet: R

Friendly Numbers: 7, 14

Friendly Zodiac Today: Virgo & Aquarius

Be careful of: Libra

* Cancer (July 22-July 22): Getting an invite for a trip is possible. A property deal promises to bring in big money. You will need to be clear of your priorities on the academic front to fare well. You are set to grow financially strong. A health fad will serve you well in remaining fit. You will be in total control at work and strive to better your performance. Some of you may get busy in arranging the marriage of an eligible member of the family.

Love Focus: Avoid extra possessiveness in matters of love, especially today.

Lucky Colour: Baby Pink

Lucky Alphabet: J

Friendly Numbers: 6, 12

Friendly Zodiac Today: Aries & Virgo

Be careful of: Taurus

* Leo (July 23-August 23): Proceeding to your favourite destination on a vacation is possible. Property dealers are likely to make a killing in the realty market. You are likely to throw a party or hold a function or may get invited to one. A financial issue is likely to be solved in your favour. Good day to stretch those lazy bones by undertaking some physical activity. Businesspersons can count on a lucrative deal coming their way. A family member is likely to give you good professional advice.

Love Focus: Beauty care will keep some in the reckoning on the romantic front!

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Alphabet: K

Friendly Numbers: 6, 13

Friendly Zodiac Today: Capricorn & Libra

Be careful of: Cancer

* Virgo (August 24-September 23): A new household item is likely to be procured by some. A trip with family is envisaged and will prove enjoyable. Some good news can be expected on the property front. Your hard work will not go to waste on the academic front. Add-on qualifications may be required for a better break in the job market. Your health mantra will ensure that you get on the path to total fitness. A loan is likely to be obtained at the most favourable rates

Love Focus: Lover’s loving embrace will help you forget your troubles.

Lucky Colour: Magenta

Lucky Alphabet: H

Friendly Numbers: 15, 18

Friendly Zodiac Today: Scorpio & Sagittarius

Be careful of: Capricorn

* Libra (September 24-October 23): You may play the peacemaker between two warring family members. A long excursion is in the pipeline for youngsters and promises great fun. Improvements in ancestral house are likely to be carried out. Chances of success brighten in a competition. Financially the day proves quite favourable, as money flows in. It is time you started focussing on your health to remain fit and energetic. Extra endeavours on the professional front are likely to get the cash register ringing.

Love Focus: Those looking for romance will need to tread a bit carefully.

Lucky Colour: Lemon

Lucky Alphabet: P

Friendly Numbers: 1, 11

Friendly Zodiac Today: Sagittarius & Taurus

Be careful of: Scorpio

* Scorpio (October 24-November 22): Travelling arrangements put in place will prove most convenient and comfortable. Some builders may start thinking in terms of a township soon. A favour from someone influential may ease things for you on the academic front. Financial front will be most encouraging. Emotional and mental health remains in balance. Your workplace rival may throw a spanner in the works and get you into a spot, so be careful. Love is likely to get rediscovered on the marital front through your efforts.

Love Focus: Catching someone’s eye can translate into love at first sight.

Lucky Colour: Purple

Lucky Alphabet: G

Friendly Numbers: 7, 19

Friendly Zodiac Today: Aries & Gemini

Be careful of: Virgo

* Sagittarius (November 23-December 21): On the family front, you may have to learn to live with changed circumstances. Travel stars burn bright and encourage you to pack up and move, so enjoy a well deserved break. Improvements in ancestral house are likely to be carried out. You will find yourself as sharp as ever on the academic front and do well. Joining a meditation or yoga class will do you a whale of good. Someone is likely to spend lavish money on you. An excellent performance at work is likely to win you kudos from those who matter.

Love Focus: Chances of falling in love look bright for some.

Lucky Colour: Parrot Green

Lucky Alphabet: N

Friendly Numbers: 2, 6, 8

Friendly Zodiac Today: Scorpio & Virgo

Be careful of: Aquarius

* Capricorn (December 22-January 21): Those gaining weight may take up a diet plan. It is best not to take any chances on speculation as you stand to lose. Good man management will help you in completing a project or assignment in time. Someone on the family front has a pleasant surprise in store for you. This is a good time to make plans for a vacation, as you are likely to enjoy it thoroughly. Excellent showing on the academic front is indicated and will help boost your self-esteem. Love showered by your near and dear ones will simply overwhelm you.

Love Focus: You get to enjoy a stable love life.

Lucky Colour: Saffron

Lucky Alphabet: R

Friendly Numbers: 18, 20

Friendly Zodiac Today: Taurus & Scorpio

Be careful of: Cancer

* Aquarius (January 22-February 19): Your foresight is likely to see your assets and wealth increase manifold. Pending issues on the domestic front will get completed without any difficulty. Selling a property is indicated and is likely to give handsome monetary returns. Confidence will be your great ally on the academic front. A vacation with those who are close is likely. Businesspersons can expect to bag some lucrative deals. Health foods may help you get over the cravings for junk food.

Love Focus: Today, romance takes precedence over other things!

Lucky Colour: Beige

Lucky Alphabet: E

Friendly Numbers: 1, 4, 11

Friendly Zodiac Today: Gemini & Leo

Be careful of: Capricorn

* Pisces (February 20-March 20): You may find yourself juggling many tasks at one time on the professional front today. Romance for the married is on the cards and total enjoyment is assured! Travelling will be fun, so find time for a spin. Your patience and determination gets you to your goal on the academic front. A tip off by someone will be most timely in getting your act together. You may resolve to keep in perfect health by self-discipline. An expected raise or bonus is on the cards for some.

Love Focus: Your love life promises to be immensely satisfying.

Lucky Colour: Violet

Lucky Alphabet: V

Friendly Numbers: 6, 16

Friendly Zodiac Today: Scorpio & Aries

Be careful of: Aquarius

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