Happy birthday Kajol: Check out some of her most candid family pictures

On the occasion of Kajol's 48th birthday, here are some of her candid family pictures with husband Ajay Devgn, kids

Published on Aug 05, 2022 03:36 PM IST 5 Photos

Ajay Devgn is as close to Kajol's family as she is close to his family. He joined Kajol, mother-in-law Tanuja to celebrate sister-in-law Tanishaa Mukerji's birthday with a cake-cutting ceremony this year. Tanishaa once said Ajay being the senior, doesn't give any tips on acting, instead, she talks and he listens. 

Kajol celebrated Mother's Day this year with both, her mother Tanuja and mother-in-law Veena Devgan. Her sister Tanishaa Mukerji and sister-in-law Neelam Devgan, and her son Yug Devgan also joined in the fun. 

Kajol shares a very strong bond with both her families. Here she is seen dining with her mom Tanuja, sister Tanishaa Mukerji and sister-in-law Neelam Devgan. Both her mother and sister are actors too. 


Kajol and Ajay Devgn, along with their kids Nysa and Yug, once went on a road trip and the picture shows they made the most of it. Nysa is currently studying International Hospitality at Switzerland's Glion Institute of Higher Education. 

Kajol went to Paris with Ajay Devgn and kids Nysa and Yug in 2018. They shared their pictures from France on Instagram. While both Kajol and Ajay Devgn are actors, their kids have not yet expressed their eagerness in becoming an actor. Both of them are still pursuing studies. 




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