5 healthy summer foods for your toddler

Treat your toddler to these nutritious summer foods to ward off health issues. Shivani Baijal Senior Executive Nutritionist Cloudnine Group

Published on Jun 04, 2022 09:17 PM IST 6 Photos

Summer meals for your toddler should be planned keeping the intense heat in mind. Wrong foods can lower your little one's appetite and reduce immunity. There are certain foods that can help maintain your toddler's digestive health as well as energy levels, while keeping their immunity high.(Pinterest)

Bel (Wood Apple): Including bel fruit in your toddler’s summer diet is beneficial. It’s a good source of vitamin A, C, and B complex, mineral, potassium and magnesium. It is also the best fruit for all digestive issues because of its anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties. It also has laxative properties to prevent constipation. Its iron and vitamin C content prevents anemia and boosts immunity. This fruit can be given to toddlers in the form of fresh juice or its pulp, bel panna.(Pinterest)

Dahi (Yogurt): Curd keeps the body cool from within and is a good source of probiotics for a toddler’s gut health. It contains lactobacillus, a bacterium that balances the intestinal tract and relieves acidity and diarrhea. Being rich in calcium, phosphorus, and protein helps build strong bones and teeth and overall development. Curd can be incorporated in many ways into a toddler’s diet like raita, lassi, buttermilk, curd rice, and fruit yogurt.(Pinterest)


Jau (Barley): It is an excellent cereal for the body in summer. It is also a rich source of dietary fibre, phosphorus, copper, folate, selenium, and magnesium. The fibre present in it ensures smooth bowel movements and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestine. Barley water helps the body to keep cool during summers. Other ideas for adding barley to the toddler diet can be barley porridge, barley soup, and barley pancake.(Pinterest)

Lauki (Bottle gourd): With approx. 96% water content it is a wonderful thirst quencher and has a cooling effect on the body. This gourd is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, A, folate, calcium, and magnesium. It acts as a natural laxative and helps to alleviate digestive problems in toddlers and is excellent deworming food. Different forms of giving bottle gourd to toddlers can be soup, raita, kheer, stuffed in roti or chilla, and curry.(Pinterest)