6 effective tips for problem-solving in relationships

Building and maintaining healthy relationships often involves overcoming challenges together. Here are some tips for solving problems in relationships.

Published on Feb 21, 2024 06:00 AM IST 7 Photos

“Healthy conflict can bring you closer together. Attuning to your partner’s feelings and needs during conflict builds trust, shows consideration and helps your partner to feel heard and respected. It also helps you both to co-regulate, which builds safety. It’s easier to be in a clear head-space and work through things when our nervous system is regulated,” says Jordan Green, licensed therapist and relationship expert in her recent Instagram post. She further shared top tips for problem-solving in relationship. ⁠(Unsplash)

Start discussions gently. Instead of criticizing or complaining, use “I 66 statements." Start with a clear definition of the problem to make sure you are on the same page.(Unsplash)

Try to see problems as an opportunity to improve listening and communication, share compassion, solve problems together as a team, and build support and trust.(Unsplash)


Practice active listening and give each person uninterrupted time to talk. Stay emotionally engaged, validate their feelings, and accept influence (for example, saying "good point,' “that makes sense,” etc).(Unsplash)

Look for similarities or points you agree on. Identify your negotiables and non- negotiables to find areas of compromise.(Unsplash)